Kassandros: The usurper of power aside the blood line of Alexander the Great

What was eventually Cassander the usurper ruler who eliminated all the descendants of Alexander the Great and murdered and his mother Olympias same;

He and his father Antipater betrayed the trust of Alexander and ripped it painstakingly Philip II’ had created. The powerful state of Macedonia. And yet this man was the founder of Thessaloniki.

Because there was a successor of Alexander to keep the empire united, and suffered painful though brilliant decline of the Hellenistic period until the conquest by the Romans of all Hellenistic kingdoms and the Greek mainland. When the Greeks will xanaelampe would be another form: As Byzantine Christian Greeks

Ο Κάσσανδρος ( 358 ή 350 – 297 e.g.. ) ήταν ένας από τους Επιγόνους του Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου, one of the prwtagwnistikes figures in the wars of the Successors, who reigned in the area of Macedonia. He was the oldest son of Antipater and one of the most remarkable events associated with the reign of the founding of Thessaloniki. He was also founder of the short-lived antipatrid dynasty.

Little had attended the lessons of Aristotle with Alexander and Hephaistion. Cassander not followed Alexander's army, but he stayed in Macedonia alongside Antipater. Later, the commander of the courtyard in Babylon, Cassander was he defended his father against the enemies of their classes and especially the Olympics, of Alexander's mother.

Later, after the death of M. Alexandrou, his father proclaimed his successor in the kingdom of Macedonia in Polyperchon. Cassander took, despite his young age, second place in the hierarchy and the rank of captains, which was remarkable place since the Persians, which was adopted and the M. Alexander in the governance of the State.

Cassander however displeased, as Polyperchon, although sophisticated, It was their relative by blood. Then, according to Diodorus of Sicily, first allied with local allies and then with the king of Egypt, Ptolemy the Savior and Antigonus the One-Eyed, and declared war against its competitors.

Most Greek cities sided with Athens and also delivered. Until the 318 e.g., who defeated his fleet Polyperchon Bosphorus, He had accumulated in the hands of the sovereignty of Macedonia and the rest of Greece. He also made an alliance with Eurydice, the ambitious wife of King Philip III of Macedonia Arrhidaios, and became regent.

However, both she and her husband (which was half-brother of Alexander), killed by Olympics, along with his brother Cassander, Nicanor. Cassander at once marched against Olympias and, he forced her to surrender in Pydna, port at the foot of Olympus, He ordered her death in 316 e.g.. After the devastating wars of successors, kassandros, No.’ number one enemy of the Olympiad, He became master strategist in Macedonia Philip Arrideus with Eurydice allied with him and proclaimed curator of the Macedonian throne. Η Ολυμπιάδα, seeing danger to the interests of the grandson of, Alexander IV, leaves the continent and campaigned in Macedonia.

In conflict with the troops of Eurydice and Arrhidaios, the latter captured by the old queen and killed wild. Ο Κάσσανδρος, busy at that time in Athens, directed against the Olympiad, which takes refuge in the fortified coastal town of Thermaikos Pydna, having with her little Alexander fourth, Roxane, Thessaloniki and many faithful.

After a seven-month siege and after the state of the besieged became unbearable (the enclaved forced to slaughter and eat an elephant gift of Alexander the Great), Olympias capitulated to save grandson. Ο Κάσσανδρος, failing in his promise, put people to the slaughter - in’ others invited angry relatives of the murdered from Olympiada, to stone her, “leaving the corpse atafo rotting”. Today speculated that the tomb is the tomb “Tuba” Makrigialos Pydna, αλλά δεν έχει ακόμα ανασκαφεί

The Roxanne was the beautiful daughter of Oxyartes, the fortress which took Alexander. This area was then the Hellenistic kingdom of Bactria, in an area covering the current Northern Afghanistan and flourished for the next two centuries.

The wedding, according to some sources, It was the result of fierce love of Alexander for the beautiful Roxane, while other sources say that marriage was political expediency. Probably it was a combination of both - and indeed one does not exclude the other.

His son Alexander was born in Babylon in 323 , when he was already dead. So his son, named Alexander D ' ,proclaimed king together with uncle, Arridaio. The Roxane and her son returned to Macedonia and fled to Epirus who lived there Olympiada, the mother of Alexander the Great.

You see he did not feel safe in Macedonia, as there is now the power exercised by the opponents of Alexander and usurpers of the throne of. The Roxane and her son Alexander finally fell victims of brutal exousiomanias Cassander.

About 313, various cities repudiated the alliance they had with Cassander and large parts of the Peloponnese fell into the hands of Antigonus, while wars of the Successors was still ongoing. Cassander forced to enter into negotiations, but this did not lead anywhere.

In the next two years, Ptolemy and Cassander took the initiative again and Antigonus suffered defeats. Autumn 311, signed peace agreement, which provided for cessation of hostilities and recognition of his son M.. Alexandrou, Alexander IV, as king after adulthood.

All thrones and dynasties Member All Time, They are suffering from intrigue and assassinations among the usurpers of the throne. So what was feared Roxanne. When the Olympics died, lost its support and the son of Antipater, Kassandros, who had usurped power in Macedonia, imprisoned at Amphipolis Roxane and her son Alexander, wherein the orders of the 311 e.g.. They murdered.

But their bodies allegedly not buried with appropriate values ​​as they were enemies of Cassander. Certainly possible that prices were basilicas and burial,
as suggested by lions-sphinxes found in Amphipolis, that it is in any event for a royal tomb.

Cassander also convinced Polyperchon that interest was to poison the illegitimate son of Alexander, Hercules, and his mother, a mistress of Alexander of Persia, the Barsine, the 309 e.g.. Already connected to the royal family by taking a wife Thessaloniki, stepbrother M. Alexandrou.
Having an alliance with Seleucus, Ptolemy and Lysimachus, against Antigonus, became after the defeat of the latter and his son Demetrius the 301 e.g.. the Battle of Ipsos, undisputed ruler of Macedonia.

In Greece, he followed his father's policy of, whereby behaved in city states as vassals, not allies, the opposite of what made Antigonus A and Dimitrios Poliorkitis. Cassander was a man with a love for literature, but also violent and ambitious.

Built anew Thebes after leveling from Alexander and built on the site of Thermo Thessaloniki, in honor of his wife. He built a new city, Kassandreia, the ruins of Potidaea, which had destroyed Philip.

He died of dropsy, the 297 e.g.. Pausanias writes that his eldest son, Philip, shortly after his accession, degenerative disease suffered and died. The next son, Antipatros B, He murdered his mother, Thessaloniki, considering that showed special favor to the smaller son, Alexander E. Alexander avenged dethroning Antipater II, although the latter briefly retook the kingdom, some years later. Alexander also was killed by Demetrius the Conqueror, the son of Antigonus.

Because of Cassander Empire founded by Alexander did not have a common reference point, his son Alexander D'.Nai While the Successors may not recognize the authority of, but the direct blood link with the man to whom owed their very existence would force them not to fight against each other, and recognize at least one of subordination of Alexander son.

The glow that radiated Alexander still held after his death. Besides, we never know if his son had some or many of the virtues of his father. Exterminated age 12-13 times.


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