The CIA secret to Alexander the Great - Revelation after 2.000 years

THE CIA may be associated with information relating to Alexander the Great. The answer is "yes" as it may sound as a conspiracy theory.

Not long ago came to light a great discovery. Archaeologists from Iraq and Great Britain have revealed a key city in the course of the conquests of Alexander the Great.

This is indeed a city built either in preparation for the great battle of Gaugamela, or after that for the consolidation of Alexander's reign in the region.

In any case it is a city of 331 p. X. Which seems to have played a major role in history.CIA Alexander

THE CIA and town secret

Archaeologists have long known that in Ntarmpant position j Rania, the artificial Dukhan lake river small ham They are ancient. The point has always been of strategic importance, But the story was not proven by evidence.

All this can us the modern Greeks do not say much. However this is a place near the village of Gaugamela, where was the historic battle that gave Alexander the throne of the Persian Empire and just a few kilometers from the boots today Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Historically, the place had no significance for CIA. The Americans, however, wanted to know everything about the area that is a key point between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria so since the 1960 They had put forward now Corona for complete mapping of.

So spy satellites went ahead and recorded everything. On images from the strategic point appears quite clearly that the passage Kalatgka Ntarmpant no indication ancient city.

Besides the name Kalatgka Ntarmpant means castle in the Kurdish language in the mountain pass.

Decades passed and details CIA declassified. They arrived in the hands of experts of the British Museum who knew the importance of the region in the period of the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

When they saw the pictures the decision was taken for research.

The survey was late almost 20 years from the time of declassification of satellite images of CIA, but had found.

Archaeologists even used drones to define the area in which they would do their research.

Thus emerged the results led to the discovery of the ancient city built by Alexander the Great.CIA Alexander

In the layout of special shows clearly the outer wall, but the citadel, as well as facilities for the production of wine, and temples.

In the same area have found coins and Greek statues.

Ο John MacGinnis, team leader in the field, He told Times:

"It's still early, but we believe it was a city full of people, the road from Iraq to Iran ".

PUBLISHED: 26.09.2017 | 09:50

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