| Xydakis for Amphipolis: "It's a Hollywood, someone great was buried in»

See what the Deputy Culture Minister said in an interview with the HuffPost Greece… kTIMVNI-

What exactly is happening with Amfipoli; Made some statements in the House that is at risk if you do not make works directly.

It must be protected. There was a hill with soil. Down the Hill were the monument – need ypostylwthei and shaped the Hill so as to endure while backfilling must be drainage works. The restoration project can be the same and more importantly with the work of excavation. If you do not ypostylwseis the job you lost, Why create damage that is impossible to cheer anyone. What they say archaeologists is that "each excavation is a disaster», because the pull from the quietness of,and you sleep a violence, the apokalypteis. Many surviving things in bury and drought conditions are saved – instead just come in contact with the atmosphere burned, lost. After the "violence" of the excavation now have to give the care of restoration.

How much money will be needed for’ This;

The excavation has cost several hundred thousand euros and we are looking to find the exact amount. However there were some sponsorships, some money of the district, the Ministry's funds while they are ongoing funding of some research and studies. For restoration pending a full budget. You will become a diaswstiki study and we'll see how much it will cost.

Other excavations will not become.

Not, the first phase has been completed anyway.

Shouldn't Ms. Peristeri to make some announcements;

Yes, on the basis of archaeological law, within nine months from the completion of the cycle anaskafikoy should announce what has found. Run time, so until autumn you should make a full announcement. This is the basis of the law of obligation. It has found, study, the descriptions of the, its conclusions, that material was, to the present.

You may learn something new;

I do not know. There is a great material that studies, the more guarded at the Museum of Amphipolis – There is a study and maintenance. I suspect that most information about the dating and composing a narrative for the Museum will arise from the study of ceramics. Because the tomb is wild sylimenos, that finds find will pop out of there. The pottery is usually not distracted so gives us valuable information. It may not be of high aesthetic value, however, the exhibition gives the best information for chronologiseis.

There are still many expectations in relation to Amphipolis. The world is waiting for a revelation.

I think most have been revealed. I believe that the core is what you already know, This site of Amphipolis is a region with great natural wealth, potamisioys roads, Plains, It was indeed a strategic centre in times of the Macedonians and Romans. We also know that there are many places that will be excavated in the future, as we also know that the high school has been revealed by Lazaridi, that digging there for decades. There is a theater (within the space of high school) with arenas and Holy. There Is, also, the lion of Amphipolis and the Museum has collected many gems from the stone age till the late Byzantine years.

Why do you think that the world believed so much national in this thing;

Are the reasons for historians. Macedonia has too short excavation history, After the 60s. The first breakthrough was the tomb of Philip with andronikos. Excavation in southern Greece action started in the mid-19th century. Count once 50 years of life the archaeological history of Macedonia and is full of treasures that must be anakalyftoyn. The other issue, I think, is the longing to reveal compact historical continuity – Sometimes it is fair but sometimes involves an exaggeration. I say to Amphipolis, I saw it and it's something amazing, a Hollywood, need to know who was buried in ; Was someone Lord, someone great. Σε 20-30 years might formed the historical narrative from other units. And what we find is amazing. I think sometimes it becomes an abuse for psifothirikoys reasons and there is a media binge eating.

Here there is also a "selempriti archaeology»

Yes, that there is someone famous. In the beginning it was Alexander, After the wife of, then we found the tomb of the mikranipsioy. Someone is, It does not matter

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