| Prophet Daniel and the old testament. Enigmatic reference to Alexander

CHAPTER 8- The second vision of Daniel: The duel of Rams and goat. The importance of vision.

The second vision of Daniel- The duel of Rams and goat.

Dan. 8,1 During the third year of the reign of King Balthasar, Daniel paroysiasthi in me a vision, After the vision, which had previously idei.

Dan. 8,2 Eyriskomin at Susa at a ochyron pyrgon, that was in place Ailam. There I saw a vision. I saw IE, that eyriskomin near the river Oybal.

Dan. 8,3 Esikwsa my eyes· and I saw· and behold, a esteketo in the vicinity of krios River Oybal. It had two horns high, one ypsiloteron from another, This and more emegalwnen anerchomenon.


Dan. 8,4 I saw, that krios he ektypoyse with horns westbound, to the North and the South. None of the beasts was not possible to antistathi before, nobody to glytwsi things from the dynamin. It has stayed the,what he wanted and so was glorious and great.

Dan. 8,5 I observe with pollin prosochin, and behold, paroysiasthi a goat goats, who ircheto from the Southwest and went up unto the whole earth. And as with very etrechen speed, It was likely that no iggize the Earth. He was not among the buds of a grandiose keraton xioparatiriton.

Dan. 8,6 He came up to the impactor, He had ten horns and whom I had previously krion idei istatai near Oybal River. Etrexen against this with all the strength of precipitously.

Dan. 8,7 I saw him fthani up of the impactor. Exigriwthi Molly

ò the see, ektypise the krion, it crashed and two horns and that there was no longer any Dynamis on krion, to antistathi against this. The goat in erripse by land and the katepatise and there was no one, you have the power, to the glytwsi of this.

Dan. 8,8 The goat he of goats was great and glorious very. But as he reached unto his glory and his force very, crashed one big keraton this. Then efytrwsan four but horns instead of one, I had crash, and were kateythynsin to the four points of the horizon.

Dan. 8,9 ' From one of these horns ebgike other very ischyron Horn, that too emegalwse with kateythynsin to the South and East and the power the very.

Dan. 8,10 Ypswthi – in the forces of heaven. A part of the forces of heaven and a part of stars fell down and katepatithisan by people of.

Dan. 8,11 The katapatisis will synechisthi, mechris until the Commander-in-Chief of God glytwsi God's people from the aichmalwsian. Owing to of this man, pictured with the Big Horn, dietarachthisan AI prosforai thysiastirion now in Jerusalem's sacrifices, ypedoylwthi this to him and all the works of that conquest put kateywdothisan, the Temple of God irimwthi.

Dan. 8,12 THE bad He did so by Squire’ This way and if the epetychen energy of, because bidders when one sacrifice during to the God imartanan and epodopateito by these same every righteous God

Dan. 8,13 Ikoysa then a mount to have. Not a Saint he said unto him, who wmiloyse· "until when will stamatisoy the symbolizomena by the sight of this; Till when will ektathi the katapaysis of sacrifice and because of the punishment region erimwsis; -When the Saint Church and the thysiastirion of, as well as the Dynamis of the Israelite people, I trampled all enemies;”

Dan. 8,14 And he replied· “until you spend two thousand three hundred seriatim imeronyktia. Then I katharisthi the Temple of the God of the bebilwsin ".

The importance of the second vision

Dan. 8,15 I, Daniel, When I saw the vision, eskeptomin and I was trying to understand the importance of this and voila, my service close to someone, who had developed man.

Dan. 8,16 And ikoysa the voice of a man, who esteketo in Oybal River, which voice ephónaxe and he said· "Gabriel, exigise unto him the vision that ".

Dan. 8,17 He came very close and my service. When tree with eplisiasen, I katelifthin from AWE and thaymasmon and I fell immediately prostrate with the proswpon me down on the ground. He accepted that I say· "Son of man, understood this· that vision reveals the end of time, the weather of the Kingdom of the beasts ",

Dan. 8,18 When he wmiloyse me, I had fallen prostrate with the face in the ground, by iggise, with lifted it at my feet

Dan. 8,19 and told me· "Behold, I will make it known unto them in, which will happen, When I taking the Punisher divine wrath. The abstractions by the vision of the end of symbolize sovereignty of the beasts.

Dan. 8,20 The Aries, whom did you see is the King of Midwn and the Persians.

Dan. 8,21 The goat goat is the King of the Hellenes. The Big Horn, that was among the buds, This is the first and great Zaza.

Dan. 8,22 The crash of this great Horn and four but, which Ant’ This efytrwsan, suggest tessaras Kings of this nation, who will rise, but to have the power and the first.

Dan. 8,23 At the end of the reign of these, When you have arrived at the completeness of covered of dissidents Jews, I emfanisthi a barefaced King, Wily and polymichan


Dan. 8,24 I have very power, I epiferi adiigitoy kataotrofas. Will he might bring out the energy of. I does the,what she wants and will katastrepsi powerful folks and him yet the Holy people of God.

Dan. 8,25 The balance of tyranikis subjugation will, epektathi successfully at peoples. Will active after doliotitos, will alazoneythi at the heart of this and by wile and machinations will katastrepsi many. Up and at the ruins of many you stathi that proud. Will syntribi others, with eykolian osin breaks an egg.

Dan. 8,26 The vision of two thousand three hundred imeronyktiwn has this meaning, is true. But the respected French, He kept the anermineyton this orasin, because it refers to a aptomakrysmenon Chronicle of time ".

Dan. 8,27 After the process of having illusions I, Daniel, I fell in tetaragmenon ypnon, isthenisa on merikas day after which esikwthin and exeteloyn, as usual, the works of the King. But these Anelogizomin thaymasmon, which I saw and ikoysa, without and imporw to eischwrisw in the full meaning of.


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