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Vangelis Stolaki

The look and the interest of other ... borders and more specifically in Europe and shift the mechanisms responsible for the archaeological excavation in Amphipolis Katerina Peristeri, realizing that with the new political leadership of the Ministry of culture will not ... off the edge. And this, because the Deputy Minister has made it clear that it will not provide extra money for continued excavation work, While the information they want to think about replacing both the k. Peristeri and her group in an attempt to "shake off" from the monument ... «samariki» aura. At the same time, Ms. Peristeri is seeking to find other donors, mostly European programmes after the ... tap the public for Amphipolis has been closed since last Jan.

The visit of members of the Committee on culture and education of the European Parliament with the participation of Greek MEPs and MPs in tumulus Kasta, After her ... the koystwdias rocked the calm waters of Amphipolis. It should be noted that in recent months except members and Nikos Xydakis the tumulus, that from August 2014 had become "first issue" in all Greek and foreign SMES visited and Patriarch Bartholomew. All this after call Katerina Peristeri, the archaeologist who after her collaboration with Lina Mendoni, and Anna Panagiotarea attempts to ... pull in the excavation of the spotlight, in order to press the Government of SYRIZA to finance. Not stay in the position of head of excavation, According to information, has to do with the fact that Ms. Peristeri maintains friendly relations with all Serraioys members, between them and with the Deputy Minister of Macedonia- Thrace Maria Kollia Tsaroucha, which reportedly spoke to Ms. Xydakis with the best words for ' Katerina ' as he calls.


Europe go ... tumulus Kasta!

For this reason, in an effort to return the topic in Ms. Peristeri accepted the request of the Committee on culture and education of the European Parliament and "hosted" the tomb of, delegation which participated and the President of the Commission, Silvia Costa. The head of the excavation even, He stressed that the European Commission will help in any way the continued excavation. "It's very much the thrill. Is too impressive the quality and level of find. It is our duty to be able to find a way to support the monument, "said Ms. Costa.

The visit of the MEPs but also of the Hellenic Parliament in the village Mesolakkia and the tumulus Kasta was accompanied by ... reactions of journalists, who in their quest to reach the monument were forcibly evicted from the guardian of the monument and collaborator of k. Peristeri. Finally with intervention by the archaeologist allowed entry by ... Sphinxes, that is the entrance of the Tomb. The voices of representatives of SMES, who saw the visit of MEPs as a good chance to get inside the monument, were perceived by their "guests" of responsible of excavation. What angered journalists is that while the Ministry of culture gave permission to eight people to enter the Tomb, It seemed that we visit and about ... fifty escorts.

Photos are prohibited

Of the visit were given clear instructions to the civilian. "Selfie are prohibited and using a mobile" reportedly told colleagues of Ms. Peristeri. The tour lasted about half an hour, from which the fifteen minutes it was inside the Tomb. About their experiences in the ... grave talk in the Karfitsa member of the Southwest, Elena Rapti and MEPs Theodoros Zagorakis and Giorgos Grammatikakis. The visit participated and member of southwest from Serres, Bright Arabatzi.

Elena Rapti, SW mp

Elena Rapti felt great AWE incoming in the archaeological work. "Has done an excellent job. We saw up close all as we had seen in pictures. All the findings remain in place. We arrived to the grave, "says in Karfitsa. "I've studied Culture in Open University know each stage of an excavation. For me had a great interest in academic» comment on Ms. Rapti.

Giorgos Grammatikakis, MEP with the «River»

"This visit of the Committee on culture, that was for the first time in Greece, had multidimensional symbolic and practical significance. The fundamental values that is trying today to defend Europe started sometime from places such as Amphipolis and Hill Kasta. So the message that pops up today, in a turning point for Greece, but also for Europe, is: The Greece together with Europe, for another, however, Europe, solidarity among the peoples and focusing on the real culture» notes from the side of the MEP's ' River ' Giorgos Grammatikakis.

Theodoros Zagorakis, MEP SW

"It really is something you don't expect to see it. So long I watched the discoveries from the tv. But when you enter inside and see close up discovering that is something very big. The feeling is very different when you see the finds from around. The AWE biggest. You smell the excavations! I think sometime the monument should be visited "comments from the side of the MEP of the Southwest, Theodoros Zagorakis. He fills that: "All MEPs were very positive. I hope sometime to restart the excavations. We will try to do everything so that the work be continued».

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