Painted decoration in Amphipolis

Amphipolis_new fotosPainted decoration is revealed gradually as maintenance work is progressing in the seven sections of marble architraves belonging to the third and most sophisticated chamber of the funerary monument, in the Casta hill of Amphipolis, announced the Greek Culture Ministry earlier today.


The marbles, on which the decoration is painted, were placed over the uprights of the walls and beneath the roof’s marble beams, which, as announced, also have painted decoration, namely imitation panels with attached rosettes.


As stated in the announcement, in one of the segments of architraves, an animal figure can be seen in the middle, probably a bull and two forms on either side, in movement, one female and one male. Urns and winged creatures can be seen on each side, while the right winged creature is heading to a tripod boiler. In many areas of the depiction, such as the garment and the female figure’s head, the male’s clothes, the winged creature and the boiler, one can observe traces from red, blue and ocher.


Finally, the upper part of the architrave is also decorated in Ionian style.

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