| Delphic Maxims


Follow God (Επου θεω)
Obey the law (Νομω πειθου)
Worship the Gods (Θεους σεβου)
Respect your parents (Γονεις αιδου)
Be overcome by justice (Ηττω υπο δικαιου)
Know what you have learned (Γνωθι μαθων)







Perceive what you have heard (Ακουσας νοει)
Be/Know Yourself (Σαυτον ισθι)
Intend to get married (Γαμειν μελλε)
Know your opportunity (Καιρον γνωθι)
Think as a mortal (Φρονει θνητα)
“If you are a stranger act like one” or “When you are a stranger be aware” (Ξepsilon;νος ων ισθι)
Honor the hearth/Hestia (Εστιαν τιμα)
Control yourself (Αρχε σεαυτου)
Help your friends (Φιλοις βοηθει)
Control anger (Θυμου κρατει)
Exercise prudence (Φρονησιν ασκει)
Honor providence (Προνοιαν τιμα)
Do not use an oath (Ορκω μη χρω)
Love friendship (Φιλιαν αγαπα)
Cling to discipline (Παιδειας αντεχου)
Pursue honor (Δοξαν διωκε)
Long for wisdom (Σοφιαν ζηλου)


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