Alexander's death


10 Jun 323 e.g.
Babylon, in the Palace of Nebuchadnezzar II,
at the age of just 32 years and 11 months

  • The 321 e.g., nearly two years after the death of Alexander, the Arridaios completed the construction of armamaxas.
    The sarcophagus was of hammered gold, its filled with fragrances, to maintain the Mummy, and sealed with modelled gold Cap. Top of placed one very nice and chrysopoikilti foinikida (Red war flag) and next to the weapons of the dead. The armamaxa had a vaulted roof width 8 ELLs (3,7m) and length 12 ELLs (5,55m) with lithokollites pixels.
    The base of the arch parallilogrammos thrigkos surrounded by sculptured busts tragelafwn (imaginary animals), from which hung gold rings with a diameter 2 the Palms (about 14,8 cm), where was last pompiko Crown adorned majestically with all kinds of colors.
    At the edges, lattice fringes existed with big bells, to their sound reaches far. At 4 corners of the arch was standing by a golden Victory and the great martyr Colonnade, that supported the arch, It was a golden Ionic capitals with.
  • Inside the portico was adapted 4 zwoforoi equal length with side panels of the arch and hung gold NET thickness of thread 1 the finger (1,8 cm). The first frieze depicting Alexander on a chariot with a great Scepter in hand.
    Around him was a sequence of carabid Macedonians and Persians and another miloforwn in front of them there were armed soldiers. The second frieze depicting elephants of the Royal Entourage with military dependence and riders in front of Indians and Macedonians back to normal weapons.
    The third frieze depicted battle formation iles horsemen and fourth ships equipped for battle. Left and right by the entrance of vault there were Golden Lions, I looked toward the incoming. Above the arch and in the middle of there was a great foinikis with a large gold olive wreath, I like the foinikis ripple shone brightly in long distance.
  • The entire superstructure was based on two axles with two luxury wheels everyone. Each wheel had gilded rays and sidewalls, While the part of the Crown that flowed to the ground were iron. The ends of the axles of the wheels exeichan, It was gold plated and ended in busts Lions, holding in the teeth of a hunting spear.
    A spring in the middle of each axis having connected with the superstructure through a mechanical shock damping system of the anomalies of the route.
    The armamaxa had 4 rymoys with 4 quadruple scales, where was zeymenoi overall 64 imionoi, dialegmenoi for the stature and strength. Each of them was crowned with gilt wreath, on either side of the jaws of hung from a gold Bell and their surrounding lithokollito cervix necklace.
  • Apart from military escorts, There was a multitude of odopoiwn for smoothing the route and technicians for maintenance and repair tisarmamaxas. Its reputation was ahead and many residents of the towns, that drew, running to admire the brilliant and expensive construction.

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