Philip was buried at Amphipolis!

In the tomb of the tomb caste of Amphipolis, The burial site was created for Philip. In box-like grave monument placed body and later created the mosaic which is shown crowned as Olympic. At The Same Time, the funerary monument itself was oriented towards the Filippeion Olympia, an ancient circular building in honor of Philip rimming three times for his victory at the Olympic Games. The price for this was high enough, since apart from the construction of Philippeion, renamed and the wife of Myrtali Olympiad. | The strange death of Alexander the Great

The strange death of Alexander the Great

One of the greatest historical riddles, worse even than the actual sphinx of Egypt, It is who killed Alexander the Great.

Some lightly want to charge the death of Alexander his companions. To those who say the slightest dereliction of duty during battle, where noted Alexander always claimed a leading role, countless times could result in the death of indomitable commander from Macedonia.

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CHAPTER 8- The second vision of Daniel: The duel of Rams and goat. The importance of vision.

The second vision of Daniel- The duel of Rams and goat.

Dan. 8,1 During the third year of the reign of King Balthasar, Daniel paroysiasthi in me a vision, After the vision, which had previously idei.

Dan. 8,2 Eyriskomin at Susa at a ochyron pyrgon, that was in place Ailam. There I saw a vision. I saw IE, that eyriskomin near the river Oybal.

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The first board game for the tumulus of Amphipolis is fact from the Greek company Desylas games.
One of the largest excavations in Greece in recent years, the archaeological site of Amphipolis is threatened by landslides.!!!!! As a result, several teams of archaeologists work feverishly to secure as many of the valuable discoveries, as can.

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