Official announcement (25-8-14)

The excavation work is continuing on the CAY Ephorate of prehistoric and classical antiquities in Tumulus Kasta, in Amphipolis. Continued removal of lithoplinthwn from the wall sealing and revealed almost the entire facade funerary monument, that is a highly original composition for the corresponding type of architecture of the Macedonian Tomb, the last quarter of 4 century BC. (Photo 1)

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The façade has a decor that is no different from the side walls, with fresco that mimics the wider marble precinct. The maximum opening between the pilasters is 1, 67 m. The typology indicates that there were no Leafs but it is simple open entry. (Photo 2)

Also, with the continued removal of soils, inside of the antechamber, appeared under the marble Ionic architrave, nested marble lining, from uprights, throughout the length of the side walls. (Photo 3, 4 ) At a distance of 6 m. from the opening of the entrance was revealed the upper marble septal wall, inadequate during part left part of (Photo 5). Behind him are two more spaces.

On the septal wall revealed, also, marble epistyle with cornice, similar corresponding in the same enclosure. Bear decor with relief rosettes oktafylloys, at the height of an epistyle of lateral walls (Photo 6).

On the septal wall are expected to, there is a second entrance that leads to the inside of the monument. The soils of the space created behind the door, will be removed in the next few days, If the allow mounting and maintenance tasks in points, they have revealed

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