Official announcement (12-10-14)

Advancing the excavations on the Hill Kasta Amphipolis, by CAY II Ephorate of prehistoric and classical Antiquities.

Continuing the gradual removal of part of the backfill, from the second site, behind the caryatids and up to the surface of the floor, at a depth of 6 m. from the dome. When removing the backfill revealed the biggest part of a mosaic pavement, covering the entire surface of space i.e., 4,5m. width on 3 m. length. (foto 1).

The mosaic is made of small pebbles, White, Black, gkrizwpoy, Blue, Red and yellow color. The Central cartouche surrounding expression, a width of 0, 60 m, which is synthesized by double meander, squares and current coil (foto 2). The show's background is in shades of grey-blue.

l_15179- l_15181 l_15183 l_15185 l_15180 l_15184

The central image depicts chariot in motion, drawn by two white horses, (foto 3), which leads bearded man, with laurel wreath on the head (foto 4). In front of the chariot represent the god Hermes as psychopompos, who modified petaso, mantle, winged sandals and holds the Caduceus (foto 5). The composition has direction from East to West.

The show is known for its excellent art in detail the characteristics of performance, both forms of, and horses, as for the harmony of colors. The composition is contemporary funerary complex and dates from the last quarter of the 4th century BC. The mosaic has been damaged in the Center, in circle shape, diameter of 0, 80 m. However, many parts from the worn part found in Sandy backfill. The next days I will attempt to remedy the welding and, in order to synthesize, to the extent possible, the overview of the show.

The mosaic floor, East and West, It has been revealed in its entirety, as the excavation is still going on in these departments. To the South of mosaic floor and between the pedestals of backyard pwrino Karyatidwn revealed, covered with white mortar. In the North of the flooring revealed the marble door threshold, that leads to the third space, decorated with Ionic ripple, at the bottom of, (foto 6,7).

Also, matching, just underneath the doorframe, towards the Interior of the third space, two further sections of the marble door panels.

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