Official announcement (21-10-14)

The excavation work is continuing on the CAY Ephorate of prehistoric and classical Antiquities, in the Tumulus Kasta, Amphipolis. Saturday (18/10) and Monday (20/10) the excavation proceeded across the surface inside the fourth space (4,5Ch6m.) and in depth until 5,20 m. from the top of the dome.

Today, held a trial balance (2Ch2m.), at the entrance of the fourth space, and at a depth of 0, 45 m. In front of the entrance, in this area, revealed two parts, from the Western leaf, and synanikoyn (foto 1,2). The first has dimensions 0, 89Ch1, 49Ch0, 15 and the second 0, 89Ch1, 30Ch0, 15.

l_15241 l_15242 l_15243 l_15244 l_15246 l_15247 l_15248

Also, It was revealed in the northern part of the marble threshold, which has a total length of 2, 15 m. width 1 m. and thickness 0, 25 m. (foto 3) Bring curved bathynseis, for nesting of metal Rails that facilitate the movement of marble thyrofyllwn. As shown by the specific intersection, Here there was floored by limestone, that brought white coating. Audi detected threshold, When you place, travertines of flooring. On the East side of the intersection the floor seems to have suffered subsidence, While westwards the flooring is damaged and the fallen stones inside the intersection (foto 4).

In depth 0, 15 m. from the threshold surface identified and uncovered marble Sphinx head. (foto 5,6,7,8) Is an integer with minimal breakage in the nose. Has a height of 0,60 m. The head is identified and attributed to the Eastern trunk Sphinx, where was nested. Directed towards the entrance and bring Polo. In the lower part of the neck is preserved intact the cross-sectional area of the bearing to the point of nesting in the trunk of. Has rolling bostrychoys, bearing traces of red color, who fall on the left shoulder of, While restrained by thin film. This is excellent art sculpture. Found, also, fragments from the wings of Sphinxes.

The next day is scheduled the removal of fallen pwrolithwn from the inside of the third area, as well as the parts of the door which described. At The Same Time, ypostylwseis will be strengthened in order to continue excavations in the rest area of the third space.

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