An olive grove covers the theatre of Amphipolis

K. Peristeri: The ancient theatre is located in a prominent position-theater
The zero point is the investigation of the revelation of the ancient theatre of Amphipolis, for which there is only one intersection they did before 30 years ago the late archaeologist Dimitris Lazaridis.

By March 2013 has issued the joint ministerial decision of the-then- Ministers of finance and Culture, (C). Stournaras and k. Javara, for the forced expropriation of a large olive grove covering the Orchestra, However the issue is not solved, as the owner does not consent.
MS. Peristeri, in the text version of the "Decorative" about the ancient theatres of Macedonia, notes that the theatre of Amphipolis ' is located northeast of the ancient gymnasion, in a prominent Amphitheater location overlooking the estuary of the Strymon River and the mountains that surround».
The test section was from the d. Lazaridi in-depth 7-8 measures, at one point today is covered by the olive grove. The building material of the Auditorium (p. s.. spectator area with Auditoria) not saved, as was the building material all previous years, but clearly distinguished the configuration. In this he refers and the designation of the position «stairs», from where residents of Amphipolis and surrounding areas supplied by the 1920 and after plenty of building material, which was sometimes saleable item for the owner of the area.
Archaeologists however do not exclude part of seats to lie under the trees, While they feel sure the trees have covered the Orchestra, which survives in great depth with possibly some of the first rows of seats. Suggest after the expropriation of the olive grove, to make remote sensing, in order to identify what part of the ancient theatre is saved and what tasks are required for the emergence of.
As stated by Ms. Peristeri, "with the disclosure of the Orchestra and rows of seats, could become a satisfactory effort to represent the ancient theater».
Source: M. Ritzaleoy, Nation

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