Amphipolis: The civil engineer and architect belie the objector geologist


O k. Lefantzis, and the quintessential expert on issues of soil mechanics, k. Dimitris Englishman, reject the theory of k. Kambouroglou for the statue of the lion
The geologist-Caver and occasional collaborator of excavation in Amphipolis,. Evangelos Kambouroglou, last Saturday claimed that Leon could not be located at the top of the Mound and thus Kasta is not part of the overall monument. The assumption is that the Leo belongs to the Tumulus, that original post was right on top of the, at the discretion of the architect and the basic excavator in Amphipolis, k. Michael Lefantzi, proven beyond doubt by number of items.

Mr. Not convinced by the kambouroglou proofs k. Lefantzi and insists that the whopping scale statue of the lion could not, for purely technical reasons, be located at the top, If Mr. The Tumulus Kasta kambouroglou of Amphipolis in fact has never been a tumulus but a natural Hill. And even with such texture soils that would be impossible to lift the weight of such a large statue, which together with the pedestal it is estimated that weighs approximately 1.500 tons.

However, Speaking at, both Mr. Lefantzis, and the quintessential expert on issues of soil mechanics, the engineer of the monument of Amphipolis,. Dimitris Englishman, reject the theory of k. Kambouroglou. Specific, Mr. Englishman says that the Tumulus at the top will bear the burden rather than a, but at least two Lions: "Regarding the possibility of safe mounting of the lion's pedestal on top of the mound the following applies: With very conservative assumptions about the mechanical properties of sand in the tumulus (considering that is a very loose sand) results, for 10 m width and length Foundation 10 m, possibility of mounting at least 3.000 tons with great security. This is an elementary calculation edafomichanikos (3rd year student level Department of civil engineering).

In any case, critical for the foundation soil is the pressure and no weight! -everyone can think of walking in snow with and without skis.

Therefore a load 1.500 tonnes as Leo's can be very comfortable to edrastei in the sand of the mound, for the estimated architectural geometry of the podium».

And Mr. Lefantzis complements: "The late Dimitrios Lazaridis launched the excavation sections at the top of the mound Kasta, removed 12 until 15 destruction measures in an extensive area around the Burial Mark, to find ' natural’ the level ground of numerous small graves proϋpirxan lens in gilofo, before the filling of several measures taken at sites for the construction of the periteichismenoy mound. Removing a large amount of artificial backfill in which he acknowledged as a empeirotatos archaeologist the stratigraphy, featured very properly, the monument as tumulus.

Regardless of the ' quantitative’ proportion of destruction compared to the natural’ gilofo even before the completion of geotechnical investigation, the whole is morphological, a tumulus and any other determination would relate to weird games with words.

The Summit was the construction of Foundation and Foundation, should be katachwmeno. It was a box of soil/shoe in which the overlying edraze construction. Latypis marble tones found around this within the backfill, indicate the existence of a marble edifice. It is clear that an experienced mechanic can accurately calculate if may bring a ' box’ soil weight of sculpture».

* The statements of Mr. k. Englishman and Lefantzi is part of a much broader interview in, in which detailing unknown aspects of excavation.

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