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Let us not entrain homeresistive. By ἀllou I elthoyn s ills. And with that ennow that yponomeyetai o,What important ἀnadeiknyetai in Greece. Previously he had heard from an official represenmo international organization here in Greece that research by Professor ANDRONIKOU Vergina and related findings views constitute reproach for Greece!

recently saw with sincere sadness in the newspaper "Kathimerini" (17/5/2015) syndicate excerpt from an account of archaeological research of 2014 made by academic and secretary general of the Archaeological Society Mr.. Vas. Petrakos and which snippet refers to summer excavations Amfipoli. Admire style and morals:

"The excavation Amphipolis was a splay contrived story in order to get distracted from the Greek arbitrary economic measures. The monument itself hitherto offered something new. Historical information that could give the excavation seen how lost because of conduct by persons who ignore science and method of "!

This ratio was support and the powerful on Spyr dictatorship. Marinated, for reaping This finding young archeology. Graphics, Despite the risks involved for long time, He had no hesitation to stigmatize in print era behavior Marinatou against a colleague. and I wonder: democratically permissible behavior Marinatou, an entirely remarkable archaeological, be continued in this supposedly democratic time;

But let's look at the deeper issue extensions. Are natural and copyright each man Zn within the presently there Greek territory believing or hopes that excavations K. Pigeons and its partners concealed the corpse of Alexander the Great, perhaps even to believe and Mrs. Peristeri.

Deprived yet with manic reactions certain In this. Do not I think that this is the prospering in our country scientific rivalry. Considers that there are something deeper So I ask: because they are afraid IN anaskaptomeno hill there is something significant and even something more important than,what until now has been found; Why taunts, Even those threats -afelos esto- believe in O,what they think;


I guess she is simple: some undead currently afraid of Universities Living in the past. As we have often written, The Greek people in a large percentage ceased hope at present zoῇ dead and pumped hope by such living tafῳ. From the bones three hundred. It's not the first time. In a difficult year the people knew how to says: "His brave death gives life to the youth". Who during birth certificate alive -even though he is young tessarakontoutis (phrase Io. Sykoutris)- may in his breath to give life in youth;

Long years, When it had emerged placement issue again the tomb of M.. Alexander the oasis Siaoua (Shiva), Leading politicians -tote ypourgos-, which for decades plaguing this place WITH THE aveltiries and verbal coarseness of, He had told a cabinet (Testimonial from parakathimeno Minister) that no interest finding the tomb of M.. Ἀlexandroy, Because it would flushing nationalism Greek people!

At that time the Greeks whole earth had risen up with a common momentum against the usurpation of the name Macedonia by Skopje. Shortly after, insidious and systemic, began a hypnotic, stultifying and phobic inoculation Greek lutes. They perished "kyratsa" where to cosmic events wore something Macedonian crown size… dish! The demonstrations stopped. «SOS! Racism»! And they start counter demonstration and insidious statements and heavy stigmatics description and brutal tricks. Remember the aforementioned vanafsologounta minister to said of a lady who was already "reprehensible" Occupation of businessman, that he complained on measures then were taken against free Skopjan and which jeopardize its business. The Minister stated that from tilopsia replied kanchastika:

­–«Who told you, my lady, Be WITH THE Alexander the Great

For, with such policies and spiritual leaders and evonitous reporters they enable Skopjans monopolize the name and to nosfisthoun and history of Macedonia. They have filled all major roads, squares, parks the adjacent state with tacky -esto- statue Philip, Alexander and this Archelaos! opposites, Our youth ignores overwhelming percentage, Who was Archelaus, While Alexander knows what the plassarontai by venal "media", From Kafsokalyvitis kantilosvistes and "teachers" and imitators of Judas Author, without at least have the filotimo Judah, where, After returning the thirty ARGYR, «outgoing apinxato» (= Went and hanged).

Since the vain but not unduly uprising, not accompanied by potential political realism, I had confidence that Macedonia name for Greece is lost and diplomatic defacto Origin (THE dejure slow yet) will be awarded in favor of Skopjan. And I wrote the last page of my book "From the Macedonian Question to involve Skopje», which was circulated in January 1992 (Edition. Gutenberg). And which today has disappeared. Although constantly sought.

Make no mistake. Since then (but with older roots) There was Design for dismemberment of Greece, To disconnect -History first and political ystera- of Macedonia from southern Greece. The soil has been cultivated from the putative Sports bum fanaticism land. Abysmal half between the north and south. The subsequently plan was implemented with economic disconnections. Virtually all production sectors B. Greece was transferred to Skopje, in Bulgaria, Romania and Albania. Now they are turning towards Turkey. The most money of Macedonia residents channeled towards markets and "casino" Skopje and Bulgaria.

Cultivated also -mesῳ reporters organic and anermatiston policies; Another hatred non-existent "State of Athens". Although the stones are aware that the creator of this kakokratous, which was a disaster for the city of Athens and throughout Attica, He was a Macedonian. and indeed… ethnarch! With the exception of C. Ralli Athens metapoliteftika he did not take any prime minister. Even Mr. Simitis not declared as a place of origin the experiment but Korakochori Ilia!

What I say Pasang honesty is such the ominous: Design exists since decades for the creation of the Macedonian state as a bait offered to the residents of Macedonia the vision of Thessaloniki as primary, where he will "eat" population and financially hated Athena. Only the name Towards facilitating new ypikoon- will shorten. From Thessaloniki will become… Solun and Florina… Lerin! And only one who thinks anyone, liable to soiling.

THE methodically planned this state would include the territory of Skopje, which will have the dominant role. Of Course, The plan "Titoites"Palaiovoulgarikis cutting and included as part of Greater Macedonia and"Pirin Macedonia» (The right to be a nuclear -inos; it is the Orvilos). Of course all these require special type ideology fermentation. But ekgonoi those given by Kalchev THE "card Litsna», The ekgonoi of "Roumaniston" and of "Children wolf», The ekgonoi all sorts of collaborators have caught firmly posts in the state apparatus, In universities, in journalism and in our artistic masquerade.

Η͂ταν ὡριμάσουν οἱ συνθῆκες, upheavals with consequent massacres will follow, persecutions and persecutions and all that we saw in the former Yugoslavia, in Libya and we see now in Syria. Βλλ ’ἔτσι βγαίνουν τά πολλά λεφτά. Blood is measured as an economic quantity.


Και ἡ⁇ λλάς; Thanks to the dwarf politicians, its spiritual and religious leaders, thanks to the hotel journalism that systematically injects political and intellectual stupidity into the people, θά περιοριστεῖ –ἄν ἐγκαίρως δέν ἀφυπνιστεῖ– κάπου ἐκεῖ στόν Ἁλιάκμονα, as foreseen by the Treaty of Agios Stefanos (1778). I doubt, Nevertheless, If Dion and Vergina remain. As for the excavations, α φοτές φοβ θάμαι ὅτι θά κατεβαίνουν, ὁπως εἶχε πεῖ κάποτε ὁ Μαρινάτος στόν σπουδαῖο Φώτη Πέτσα, lasting throughout and below. How many excavations during the post-political period took place in the prefecture of Florina; And whoever passes by the unguarded essentially Neolithic settlement of Lake Petra, he also takes a stone, ἔτσι που ὁ χῶρος (at least until recently) reminiscent of gidomantri! How much are the archeological treasures of Aanas and the excavation findings of Dispilio displayed?; Not to mention the old and recent archaeological treasures of Thrace, where some, the most impressive, γιά νά τους ἐπισκεφθεῖς, you need local guides and special shoes, ἄν τυχόν ἔχει βρέξει.

I was sure from last summer that the excavations in Amphipolis under various pretexts would end for fear that others might find themselves spoiling the prepared "political soup". The, κι ἄν κάτι مهم ἔχει ἤδη βρεθεῖ, it is not going to be revealed. Some researchers will put… muzzle. Only some bells will ring where, τόπως το λέει ὁ Σολωμός, When they are paid, they act like… "Bumpy"!

As for the one who drew these lines, what he wrote often for many years and which are repeated for the umpteenth time in the re-publication of his book "Alexander the Great: ὁ θρωνθρωπος Φαινόμενο» (Edition. About Arts, Nice 10, Athena, Tel. 210-8826392), about the tomb of Alexander's cenotaph in Amphipolis, are not related to the excavation findings of Mrs.. Κατερίνας Περιστέρη. They are related to the so-called Leo of Amphipolis. It seems, however, that Leo ἡ ὥρα did not come to speak.

Lavrio 15 .Πριλίου 2015

Υ.Γ. Speaking to my hometown of Gythio 19 Περίπριλίου περί Ἀλεξάνδρου και Ἀμφιπόλεως, I also expressed the above concerns and my views. But I reassured my fellow citizens by saying the quote: «⁇ Ὀρύσσων βόθρον ἐν αὐτῷ ἐμπεσεῖται». And I added that in the midst of today the Skopjans will accept the attack of the Albanians. Και πρίν ἀλέκτορα φωνῆσαι ἅπαξ, the bloody episodes broke out, τά ὁποῖα νε ἀνεκδιήγητος Γκρουέφσκη ἔσπευσε να ἀποδώσει σέ ἑλληνική –ἄκουσον, ἄκουσον!- ὑποκίνηση. When δέν⁇ λλάς can not be surrounded by the social's desecrations that desecrate the monuments and fill the Archaeological Society and the sheet metal Academy with dirty inscriptions, where, ἶπως εἶπε ὁ Σουρῆς, «for all of us it was made by the blessed Sina»!

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