The secret energy of archaeological sites


Ένα αρχαίο μνημείο μας προκαλεί συνήθως μια αίσθηση θαυμασμού. But you never thought it could be and a core energy, that purifies and refreshes our soul, but also a means for the insight and discovery of ourselves;

The Greece is a country full of archaeological sites and we can benefit from a visit to them, not only satisfying our aesthetics admiring the monuments, but pumping and energy to exalt our soul. The action of such an area can heal us, to guide us and to awaken in us features when coordinate with her. It is true that when we are even in the most modest and unassuming archaeological site, usually we feel AWE. Press as visitors on Earth where once they lived other people, our ancestors and distant relatives. The first lesson that gives us such a place, Besides, is the impermanence, a feeling that is strong and usually causes us sorrow. But apart from this sense of our perishable that thrills, most people do not know how to cope with the sight on an archaeological site, in order to exploit the experience of contact with the source of the story to the fullest extent. Why, an archaeological site is, above all, an area that emits a separate action, She must draw on a visit. Every trip to ancient monuments is a feature aytoapokalypsis. The same landscape of space, the buildings and the energy of the people who lived there in an energy hub from which we have a lot to gain. Let's see one by one the actions originally emitted from such an area:

(a)) The energy landscape The archaeological sites are not built in random parts of the planet. Special priests and gewmanteis, through searching in nature chose the areas reconstruction of ancient monuments. So, landscapes that accommodate most are small or large energy channels and key energy points on the body of the living planet. The texture of the soil, the altitude, the fauna and the flora, the waters of the region, the intense geological phenomena (steep rocks and cut off, gorges, caves etc.), constitute the particular energy of the particular site selected for specific use. One way to feel is to choose a quiet corner, to open your feet slightly off the ground, spread out your palms, in order to "see" down, and try to listen unaffected the sound emitted by the landscape. Every landscape emit different sound, who represents the breath of the planet in this region and leaves us an undefined taste in the mouth. Similar results will have if you close your eyes and let the landscape to your ' send ' the color image. Depending on the type of latter or sound that you will receive, You can discover the predisposition of the energy of the space and the niwthontas to coordinate with your own.

(b)) The big energy field Each space, especially the big Holy, belong to a broader energy field, in which the individual centers are connected as members of a body. The sacred between them can create graphically an energy triangle, a circle or other geometric shapes and sacred numbers (golden mean). Also, It is likely, Temples devoted to the same God (e.g.. Apollo at Delphi and Delos) to have components that interact. When you are well into an archaeological site, drawing energy from the broader field of energy, because each of them is associated with the energy of others like the wires of a network. So, marching in a draw energy from everyone in the region, After the pulses and their vibrations are joined under your feet.

(c)) Energy by using Regardless of the landscape in which it is located, one archaeological site hosted people born, lived and died there, While charging the site with their energy. The thoughts, feelings, the action, the rituals and their expectations krystallwthikan in space and vibrate even today. The visitor who is sensitive receptor stimuli can feel the reverberations of the old life and energy. Because this may be negative (from massacres or making of dark rites), good is your visit to such places to be accompanied by an energy protection, the "energy Egg», an energy i.e. costume that will ' wear ' before you enter the archaeological site, an imaginary egg that will emit positive energy around your body and will be impervious to other actions. To become the first receivers, tap your palms in the dirt for a few minutes, niwthwntas the circulating in your body, making a circle before returning to the ground, «clearing» your. I feel so like anasyndeeste to your roots.

(d)) The energy of monuments Ancient ruins emit strong energy, especially if they have been used in rituals, which have ' water ' the buildings of space. A column of an ancient temple that remains upright acts like antenna that emits the old energy of the monument and a gate (like the one at Mycenae or in Naxos), which had been crossed thousands of people with eylabikotita, like a "passage" to more subtle vibrations and frequencies. Extra, the architecture of such sites are strong energy body, as they are manufactured in accordance with sacred proportions and secret codes that the preserve along with the dark thoughts, forming an invisible indestructible building that surrounds the natural, interact with visitors and refines. You'll find touching an ancient stone or a section column with your left hand and bringing the right under hub. You will feel the energy of the monument to passes from the left hand and ends up on the right, apothikeyomeni in the area of the umbilicus. Depending on the use, architecture and construction of the era (Mycenaean, Archaic, Classic, Hellenistic etc.), each Monument reserves and another form of energy. Due to lack of available space, We will confine ourselves here to mention only some of the monuments and the kind of energy that emit.

1. Temple The temples, due to the typically time-consuming to use them, but their high energy charging of rituals and invocations that were there, they withhold large quantity and good quality energy. This quality varies depending on the God to whom the temple was dedicated. In the temples of Apollo (Delphi, Delos) You can tune with the energy of inspiration (especially the artists), of pure thought or removal of old karmikwn loads. As… trainees, find a quiet area in the archaeological site (ή, even better, sit on a stone relic, under the shade of a tree) and, After calming inhaling and breathing out slowly, concentrate on the topic that interests you. Then you will feel the energy of the ancient temple to penetrate and cause lucidity in your thinking… All will become shiny and clear media. An ancient idea, inspiration or discovery may resonate with you in such an area. The temples of Zeus (Dodóni, Olympia etc.) they are suitable to put issues of determination, will, case management and power and in the temples of Athena (Parthenon, Afea in Aegina, etc.) topics of reflection, existential, knowledge and wisdom or request advice on best action. The temples of Artemis (Vravrona) objectives and topics offered to handle the emotions and the temples of Vulcan (Limnos, Thissio, Samothraki) for creativity, vitality and implementation goals. The temples of Demeter (Elefsina) "facilitate" matters of love, understanding, reunification with persons or relief from suffering and the temples of Hera (Argos, Samos etc.) family issues, relatives, Professional, request in marriage etc.. Remember well that every space can, If tune together properly, to help you in your daily life topics. Why not try;

2. Divination The oracles (Delphi, Dodóni, Trofoniou in Livadia, Amphiareion of Oropos, etc.) It's like inter-dimensional portals, where we can diaisthanthoyme to a degree some of the coming events events. When you find yourself in such places, Jesus set the topic for which you would like to receive a message, before sign in. When you browse let your gaze can in monuments and landscape. Unexpectedly, in time they almost have forgotten the theme, will ' listen ' in you a reply, which you must edit. Many times such sites ' talk ' with specific codes of antiquity (as of Pythias) and need to aposymbolisoyme their response, as in a dream.

3. Theatres The theaters have been charged by large concentrations of people, In addition to ancient sayings, but by the same shape, Since the hollow is a matrix that holds and multiplies energy emissions. When you visit there, stand in the center of the Orchestra of the theatre and read aloud (where conditions permit) an excerpt from the original text an ancient tragedy or a work of Plato. You will feel the room comes to life and yourself to become part of the Auditorium.

4. Asklipieia Asclipia (Epidavros, Amphiareion Of Oropos, Ippokrateio Kos etc.) It is the ancient hospitals where you can receive healing energy, enough to be receptive, with the body and the mind. Stand on the site of an ancient, and visualize the energy in the form of bright coils, entering your soles, climb your tonwnontas from the spine and ending up as a luminous glow on top of your head. Concentrate there and feel your energy coils to disinfect and heal up internally.

5. Markets The ancient markets were places of aggregation of the ancients, transactions and the exchange of ideas. Where have handled huge amounts, You can tune the power of wealth. Meditate on issues finances, cash, professionally, etc.. Although trade conditions have changed from antiquity until today, the spirit of success in wealth is the same and is still active in ancient markets

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