White mummies of China and indications that the Greeks of Alexander the great, they arrived until the ancient China…

White mummies of China and indications that the Greeks of Alexander the great, they arrived until the ancient China
Due to the aridity of the desert, many features have not been altered completely

In the Tarim basin ", in the Xinjiang Province of China, Takla Makan desert lies, in which discovered mummies with eyrwpaϊkacharaktiristika.
The mummies are almost 4000 years, After going back to 2000 e.g.. Because of their color, they have been named "white mummies». Because of the desert drought, many of the mummies retain their characteristics, While there are several garments. The results of scientific investigations are impressive, as proving the existence of immigrants from Europe in the wider region of Tarim.
The mummies have no eyes and Chinese are taller than Asians. The color of their hair has mostly blonde and Auburn and the person bring «corners». The clothes that have not been tampered with, and some burial artifacts refer to European peoples. At times, has recorded the presence of Europeans in the region. The Roman Emperor Claudius had received some reports about the existence of human beings in the Tarim basin ", they had hair anoichtokitrina, blue eyes and a height much bigger than that of Asians. References are not historically substantiated and are not safe source, However reinforce the view of researchers.

*Lived Greeks in Tarim area;*


The Chinese historian priest's wife Shima has recorded in the file of the story of the Emperor's Ambassador Wu, The Priest's Wife Zhang, who was sent to the West to search for allies against the Huns. During the trip, prisoner and when he managed to escape, Takla Makan desert found, where he met the
«Ntaϊoyan» (conjectured Greeks even when they bring). The described, White, with beard, no Chinese eyes and reported that they had in their possession horses, beautiful buildings and objects and statues. The area in which it is alleged was inhabited Alexandria eschate, one of the towns that had been founded by m. Alexander, so if the guesswork, the people who described the priest's wife Zhang, were Greeks. When the emissary returned, He talked about people who met the Emperor, which was mainly for horses. Thus began the contact and the exchange of.
Based on these data, It is possible the existence of Greeks in the region. The attire of the Mummy points to Europeans of the time the results of the investigations show that the mummies, have diverse
ancestry. This is justified by the "mixing" of peoples or by other tribes for commercial reasons. The mummies discovered, create a political issue in the city, Once in the past, the inhabitants of the region, they had asked their independence, arguing that there are Chinese.
The survey results indicate that they may have right.

The clothing of the mummy refers to Europeans of the time


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