Myths of Amphipolis

Amphipolis in the spotlight because of the mound on the Hill Kasta.

Who knows what drama, What violence carries inside of this monument of ... is building that houses death and, rather, Royal betrayals.

Though the site of Amphipolis from ancient times supplied legends full of blood and sadness because of the particular magic of.

Blame the strategic location of; The fortified port of; The gold that covers her feet;

However, near Amphipolis, the ancients placed the Nysio Field, renowned in antiquity for his horses. There the Pluto found the daughter of Demeter, Persephone and the kidnapped in order to make her Queen of the underworld.

H Abduction of Persephone

As stated in another myth, the son of the hero Theseus, the Demophon, After the Trojan war he chose for his beautiful bride Fyllis, as a result her father and King of Hedoni, Sithwnas, anointed him his successor – the Kingdom of Thracian sex was a major commercial and economic station Amphipolis.

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The Minotaur however had to turn quickly in Athens and before leaving, vowed to return that quickly Fyllis. Fyllis the xeprobodise at The Nine Streets (the later Amphipolis), they gave him a box, which should not be opened except when I lose hope that it will xanagyrize near the. The Minotaur was unable to reach quickly in Athens, Since leaving, a tempest that swept away in Cyprus; then opened the box. At the same time, fyllis asked on Nine routes and, desperate and convinced that the betrayed, hanged himself from a tree. Since, He says the myth, all the trees of the region shed their leaves in mourning for the death of the young Princess.

However, Mythology says that another Idwnos King had no happy ending. A God who was worshipped particularly in the Kingdom was the Dionysos· even historians indicate that the Dionysian cult started from Amphipolis, that in honor of cut silver coins with one of the most traditional symbols of: the Sphinx. Dionysus, well, decided to honor Idwnoys and traveled up the Thraki, meeting with Lycurgus, their King.

god Dionysus

But the Lycurgus made the mistake of insulting him and banish him. God took refuge in Thetis and chastised the Lycurgus helps the. King, insane now, killed the son of the Dryanta, cutting him with axe, because the passed for vine grapes; that moment of anguish rediscovered his mind. Yet, Dionysus did not stop here.

The Earth was once wasteland, with God gives Oracle that would become again fruitful only if the Edoni kill Lycurgus. Indeed, those carrying their King tied hand and foot to Pangeo and condemned to horrible death: the left to katasparachthei alive by wild horses.

Damn Pangeo and Nine roads for the Royal family ...

But why "nine Streets"; Why thus christened Amphipolis;

It took its name from the nine streets that were in "this from different directions, katastwntas the crossroads of Commerce and travelers. Yet, what the name of it caused great evil:

The 492 e.g. when campaigned the Mardonius against Greece's fleet was destroyed in the Athos Peninsular, the army was decimated with blitz in Bisaltia. In the great campaign of Xerxes the 480 e.g., constructed victualling warehouses of the Persian army at the mouth of the Strymon, and also set up two large bridges. Before you pass the army of Xerxes, the Persian General fearing not suffered the evils of Mardonioy decided to offer sacrifice to the gods of, According to Herodotus; so, buried alive nine young men and nine new from Amphipolis, symbolically enarmonizomenos with the name of the city.

king XerxesThe present name was given when the Athenians settled the 437 e.g.. THE Thucydides the returns in the way that the city is built so that it is both coastal and continental station; probably is right, as his father was a native of Thrace and even quite rich, being an owner in the overflow area.

Paschalis Mantzaridis, journalist

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