The name of Mt. paggeo comes from the word "paggaion" which means the logic and exoysiazonta throughout the land of Dionysus, with the Holy Oracle of that stood between the beautiful valleys of Mount. (P. S.. the word comes from the phrase Pageon Pan – Gaia, IE any land, After the variety of rocks of Mount is the proverbial).


The 5th a.d. century it was called Maketion or Matikio by the Doric word "Makos" which means high. With this name had the height and length of terms. Characterized by other names, from the Holy Monastery of eikosifoinissa and from the trees that grew and grew in this. Has a lot of towering peaks and canyons with several names. Many of the granite rocks of Paggaio transformed over the centuries from iwkainika ekrixigeni palaiozwiko rocks. The rocks are incised linear pangeo animal pictures of prehistoric era. Is a famous mountain in mythology and history. Mentioned many times in mythology because: (a)) the Oracle of the God Dionysus, located in the high mountain peaks of chionoskepastes always, (b)) the rivalry of King Lycurgus hedoni with the God of the Thracian Dionysus and c) the horse that the cannibalistic damase the demigod Hercules. Herodotus (VII.111), that puts the Satres mountains, also places the famous Oracle of Dionysus paggaio mountain. Saved polydaidali Askitotrypa with a galaktiti, in which a. Letsas places the Oracle of Dionysus. Euripides in verses 971-974 the Risos says:

"kryptos d ' antrois said of his silver chthonos

keisetai Gazer faos anthrwpodaimwn,

Bacchus Prophet, so Paggaio rock

eidosin wkise modest toisin God».

Pangeo term, because of the sanctity of the Oracle of Dionysus, called by Homer and the tenth century "agathion Nisiion Dictionary». Aristotle in his work On posts indicate that winds from a Gorge of Paggaio released the Iapyx or Faraggitis wind. The Pseydoploytarchos in his work On Rivers (Fri. III) He writes that in Pangeo grew the grass guitar, that dread melodic sounds in celebration of Dionysus. When passing the Persian army of Xerxes overtook Macedonia from the right of the tall mountain Paggaio feature, where

"oikeoysi Te γάρ high meantime chrysea orea

Te and ENI argyrea metals, the own over Pieres

Te and Odomantoi and even Satrai».

Gold and silver mining had, which exploited the Pieres, the Odomantoi and particularly the Satres. The term promitheye is every year a thousand talents of gold to the Macedonian Kings to unite all Greece and the civilizing their campaign on three continents. Peisistratos and Thucydides were involved with the gold mines of Pageos.

There was pure gold in small grains, located in different shapes inside the quartz matrix. From chemical analysis of a sample of ore proved that each ton material in this region can perform today 22 grams of gold. Kaminia which eliwnan are preserved in pyrite and gold schisms. There are also large volumes of waste in Nikisiani from the mines of gold and silver pangeo. Saved and Galena mining mine, lead and silver. In Pangeo there are still male, White marbles, Chalk, gypsum, ochre, manganese, asbestos and lignite. Also, timber and ekatontafylla naypigisimi had agriotriantafylla. (P. S.. Nigrita's name comes from the Roses-libos meadow)

From the book of

Kyriacou Papakyriakou


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