Stamatis Spanoudakis: “A thanks in Amphipolis” (VIDEO)

By posting the great song “He lives and reigns” that is from the first disc of Alexander the great, the great artist wrote : “A thanks in Amphipolis” and “broke” each record in notifications and like.

Stamatis Spanoudakis, Indeed, the continued “Thanks” of, by posting what he had written on the second disc of Alexander the 2008, as a prologue to the second job:

To letter to Alexander:

“A letter to Alexander, op’ opportunity of my second drive’ This: “Roads that are not perpatises”. It is time that you wrote and your tha΄thela to explain why I write again now, Thirteen years after that first, symbolic, for me at least, A letter letter., that gave me a lot of power and went into the streets, that maybe it always was my own, but don't ' Cha figured as then. It took the form of the secret, but your presence so intense, to understand and to go.

It is roads that are too perpatises and others, not perpatises.
These secondary I to thee “pour», walking for awhile now, Mazi Sou.
Internal roads, roads of fantasy and fairytale, roads of the East, roads of the West. The Silk roads, but also of the Byzantine Empire, streets of suspicion of the true God and streets of healthy certainty. Streets of affection, streets of love, roads sweat, pain and blood roads. Streets life, death roads and streets, anastasimoi.
These roads may not find them all in my music, but it's definitely, incised forever in my soul. Because the music is “art "and art and crafts and has unfortunately logic (human tools, in which child hesitate to trust the really important in my life). But soul is true blast, pure and eternal. This listen. And forgive, that in approaching once again and try to get in touch, only with my own weapons, music and my words.
You Know, I live in an age, that the “poetic licence ' tends to be replaced by the “Terminal ' and every historical Moro-neoellinas sees history, as they're dictating the antiquated, and usually self-serving, I think of. So, I feel now, more than ever, the need, to continue to “cuddle with my music and you, But what,What else is really yours and ours.
WHAT,What is, It was and always will be, Greek.
I say our own, Why, Thank goodness, We are many who think so and my hope is that it will become more and more. Because the truth has this. Quietly and secretly gathers around her “real faces ", waiting time, or man, to look.
So, and your opening again for my little soul, to leave, Unfortunately in the hands of people, not in’ loved and not to understand.
But mostly to leave to safer museums on Earth. Our hearts

With much love
Stamatis Spanoudakis 2008

[youtube = L9kGlwrL3E8&w = 420&h = 315]

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