In red the agony for Amphipolis

In anticipation of two press conferences, This and the next Saturday, are all those who expect responses to "hot" questions around the excavationsIn red the agony for Amphipolis

Vice versa no longer all count on the sensational case of the excavations in the ancient tomb of Amphipolis, as noon (13:00) next Saturday (22/11) It is scheduled the press conference of the Minister of culture and sport, K. Tasoula.

The Minister will inform, the Museum of Amphipolis, the representatives of the press regarding the findings so far, but the next phase of work in the tumulus Kasta.

In between, just one week later, Saturday 29/11, at 11:00, at the Auditorium of the Ministry of culture will be presented the results of the excavation period in Hill Kasta, from Serres, curator. Peristeri and its partners.

Many are, of course, they are called n’ answered at two press conferences, one of the major questions however, is and when it will complete the emergence of space. "Things they want their time, It would be a huge mistake to become thoughtlessly and without having completed the research phase "stressed with point c. (c). of YPPOA, Lina Mendoni, to add statements of Ana-MPA:

"It's a lot of what needs to be done. I believe that neither the excavators have realized just find. Should in principle be a scientific approach, and then to see how we proceed ".

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