Revelations on the occasion of a meeting; Sunday at Serres Peristeri-Kargakos

"Woman of the year" by Ms. Peristeri!


Can the work of archaeological excavation in Amphipolis through intense questioning, After from many sides listed several theories for what eventually happened to the tumulus of Kasta, However there are still people who believe the archaeologist Caterina Peristeri heroine.

For this and the head of the Ephorate of Antiquities located in Serres are expected to be honored by the city of Lykeio Ellinidon Macedonian with the title of "Woman of the year" this coming Sunday is notoriously day devoted to the fair sex.

The event will be on 11:30 in Hope resort

During the event, will hold a speech and the well-known author and historian Sarantos Kargakos, made by constant interventions in the press during the excavation in Amphipolis.

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