The last Greek great epic poem of antiquity

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Διόνυσος και Βακχικός Θίασος
the 4th century poem epiko. a.d. of “Transported” of the Panopolitoy in Nonnoy version of 1819, in Leipzig


Nonnos the Panopolis was an important Greek epic poet from Panopolis in Egypt.
His main work is the epic poem “Dionysian” which consists of 21000 lyrics to 48 rhapsodies books. It contains the complete history of the life and actions of the god Dionysus, written in hexameter verse and depicting on a mythical level elements from the campaign of Alexander the Great. This is also the last great poem of antiquity, influenced by Homeric tradition and tragedy.


Nonnos lived in Alexandria, and he probably had Apollonius of Rhodium as his model. So he also studied a lot the rare works of the Library of Alexandria, and he wrote a work with many references to myths that are not preserved elsewhere.

he wrath sing, goddess, of Peleus son

Chant second.

"...Cronides did not laugh at the deaf.

And we found a mother of two
transmitter Eris Typhoon, Dios IV, Archbishop Niki
in mothon. I don't want to be a herd, not about flock


it was a race, οὐ νεικος ἔν παλλει nymphis,
not a clone, but a small city, but because of him
ἰθερος ἷστατο ῆris, The fur of Victory
scepter of Zeus and thokos aethlia diotetos..."

Typhon also threatened .. "The son of Saturn laughed, mocking him. And so a thunderous war began between them· even if Eris helped Typhon in battle, Zeus in the race had Victory as his guide· there was no contest for sheep or flocks or for a fair nymph. They are not fighting for a bad city, but for the power of the world they fight, and on Nike's knees was the prize of the battle, the scepter and the throne of Kronides..."
(Typhon had captured Zeus by removing his nerves. With the help of Cadmus, Typhon is deceived and Zeus is freed. A terrible battle ensues between them).

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