The transatlantic voyage of Hercules

Historical person who arrived to Canada was the Hercules of Greek mythology, According to Professor of geology Elias Mariolako.

Arrived a thousand years ago by the Great Alexander on the Indus River. Passed from Ethiopia, arrived to Greenland and perhaps to set first set foot in America. One of the most famous Heroes of world mythology- Hercules- It was not only a great plumber, engineer and ydrogewlogos, as evidenced by many of the twelve labors of, but the first who did act on globalisation and the architect of the Mycenaean kosmokratorias, as I argued last night in his speech, at the University of Athens, the Emeritus Professor of geology and a member of the Central Archaeological Council Elias Mariolakos.

"Hercules is not a person to amuse the children. Neither the Greek mythology a tale about a fantasy world ", says Elijah Mariolakos. "Hercules is an historic- and not mythical- person, an unknown great conqueror, Hero- founder of cities, first link of the common European cultural matrix, of the Mycenaean and consequently of Greek culture. And the mythology is the story of the distant past of the inhabitants of this place, who much later would be named Hellas».

First under the microscope of the Professor entered the feat by grabbing the Seizing of oxen, the three-bodied giant three-headed and who lived at Gadeira, today's Cadiz Spain, near the Strait of Gibraltar.

"Most believe that Hercules traveled to the Iberian Peninsula to bring a good breed of oxen in the Peloponnese», explains Mr. Mariolakos. "If we read carefully Strabo, who lived in the 1st century. e.g.. though, We see that in any other part of the world has not been found so much gold, AG, copper and iron. And the oxen are justified because there was testimony that the "sifting" of gold from the sands was on skins steers».

The founding of the city of Hercules is commemorated in the coat of arms of the city and today. Hercules accomplishes the feat and continues North towards the Celtic and founds the Alesia (also known as a city of Asterix), whose name comes from the word Kızılırmak River (= wandering). City of strategic importance, connected via navigable rivers to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the English channel and the North Sea, where Julius Caesar the Gauls katatropwse. Even founds the Monaco and the Alicante – the football team called Hercules.

What you seek in Gaul Hercules; «Gold», answered by Mr. Mariolakos, "since Diodorus tells us that in Gaul there are rich deposits of chrysofora». Hercules, however, reportedly- According to Plutarch- to arrived and to Ogygia located five days West of Britain.

"Five days shall be equivalent to 120 hours. If the average speed of a are of the time was 4 miles per hour, then the distance is 890 km., Hence it present-day Iceland and continued to Greenland, While the Sea of Cronus, referred, According to the calculations identified with the North Atlantic»

"To bring the golden apples of the Hesperides (i.e. the gold) Hercules from Egypt arrived to Ethiopia and then in the Caucasus- to seek the help of Prometheus- and in Libya before returning at Mycenae "

Hercules has arrived, According to Professor Elias Mariolako, as America. «Read sources that fit his attachés "by the mouth of the Bay is in the same line with the spout of the Caspian". A Bay only cover these conditions: of the St. Lawrence in Toronto of Canada». Stated that stayed "in the Islands to see the Sun hides for less than an hour 30 days»- the Polar circle.

What seek there;

The answer lies in the discoveries of the excavations carried out around Lake Superior in Michigan. It suffices to think that they have mined over 500.000 tons of copper in the area, When the pesky copper source par excellence- Cyprus- quarried 200.000 tons.

The extraction was the period 2.450 e.g.- 1050 e.g., stops suddenly, When collapsing the Mycenaean civilization. And all this in an area where the natives were in the stone age! news section

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