What happens after all the noise that everyone has been waiting for with bated breath for their findings and sparking our imagination for historical truths , now silent on the biggest cultural heritage that we have discovered in recent years.

To highlight and promote it , so far they are made <support projects to ensure the protection of the existing and we should wait for a comprehensive plan that after the protection, its highlighting and promotion within a wider context in combination with the archaeological site , with cameras ,earthquake sensors, museum and its wider landscape and natural environment. The excavation received financial assistance at this time no longer needed> as the Deputy Minister of Culture said. Mr. Minister, he has been resting for so many years and because of money we will let him continue his rest. The Colosseo of Rome will be restored by Businessman Diego Della Valle with 25 million we do not have Entrepreneurs or Shipowners to apply for funding or find financiers.

To start performing though ..…. until the archaeologists finish their work on the findings of the findings there should be more funding ,the buts that are buried on the hill of Kasta must also be excavated. And when all this is over, then there will be more and more funding to make the whole monument visitable, we can wait… .live my black to eat the clover in May. It declined before it flourished.

The site needs to be visited quickly for both the monument ,for Amphipolis and the people who want to admire it, for the development of the surrounding area and since the number of visitors to the museum of Amphipolis has increased by 100%, a miracle was waiting for the area to develop and you send it to the Greek Calendars.

We should not keep the issue so that it does not disappear from the forefront and have financial benefits; Or we expect foreigners to do it for Amphipolis! Italian state television RAI made a documentary about Amphipolis <RAI documentaries are part of a TV series that includes suggestions of historical tourist destinations in Greece for European tourists. The Italian TV production has already been sold to an Australian television network and in addition to Greece the series includes proposals for Mexico, England and Milan. The journalistic investigation begins with the history of the ancient coins of each region and reaches to the present day>. And we will buy it from them; so does our ERT and NERIT.

We live in Greece and we suspect that they will take care to delay or neglect it or to completely forget this important extraordinary finding. You politicians who know everything giving the best solutions for the present and the future of our Homeland, you should know that you do not lose from culture but you gain immediately and much more in the long run like the Acropolis, Ancient Olympia, Delphi and the delay is a blow to our Cultural Heritage and the Development of our Place .

George Kalokliros

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