| The myitiki path of Hercules (The apprenticeship of Hercules)

Hercules stood in front of the Teacher. Understand vaguely that it was entering into a crisis that will cause a change in speech,the attitudes and, the plan.
The teacher stared at him, the sympathized with. "Your name;"they asked him and waited for the answer.
"Hercules", came the answer. "They told me that it means Hera's kleos, radiation and glare of the soul.
What is soul, Teacher; Tell me the truth. "
"Thy soul will the discoveries by making your task and you will find and you will discover the nature of, that is your own. "and what are your parents; Tell me, My son. "
"My father's Uncle. Never heard of him, but inside of me I know that I am the son of. My earthly mother. The well know and did what you see. Also, Teacher of my life, I'm a twin. There is another like me. I know him well, Although not the know. One is earthy, by clay, the other is the son of God. "
"How ekpaideytikes, Hercules, my child; What you can do and what didachthikes;”
"Every achievement I'm special. I was taught well, morfwthika well,kathodigithika well and learned well.
I know all the books, and all the arts and Sciences. The labours of my open field is known, Apart from the knowledge of those who have the means to travel and to know people. I know myself like a man: contemplating, feels and lives. "
"One thing, Teacher, I gotta say this not in deceit.
Not long ago I killed all those who taught me in the past. I killed my teachers in search of freedom I am no longer free. I know within myself to myself and through myself. "
"My Son, This was practice wisdom and can no longer be standing free. Now in work and proceeded to remember making your work, that at the last turn of the wheel will bring the mystery of death.
Don't forget me. What is your age, my child;”
"Had passed eighteen summers when I killed the lion and then wear the skin of. At twenty-one I met my wife. Today am your triple free front, free for: the Earth my teachers, fear of fear and desire, really. "
"Don't kaychiesai, my child, but show me the nature of this freedom you feel.
Again in Leo, you will meet the lion. What you gonna do;
Back to Gemini, you will meet on the path the teachers that you killed. The you really back; What you gonna do;
Again in Scorpio will fight with desire. Will stay free or will face the snake with his tricks and I'll pull down to Earth;
What you gonna do;
Get ready to proof your words and freedom.
Not kompazeis, my child, but prove me your freedom and your deep desire to service. "
The teacher remained silent and Hercules withdrew and faced the first great Gate.
Then the great Proestos that sat in the Council Chamber of the Lord, He spoke to the teacher and proposed to invite the gods to witness the attempt and the start of a new student in the street.
The teacher called them. The gods answered. They came and gave to Hercules their gifts and many words of wise advice, because they knew their task and Street kindynoystoy.

Athena gave him a robe that she herself had weave, a tunic that's fit, rare beauty and fineness. The wore with pride and triumph, happy for his youth.
Had to show who is.
Hephaestus has forged a gold chest for Hercules, to protect his heart, the source of life and force.
Zwstike gold this gift that the protected and so the new disciple felt secure. Had again to prove his strength.
Came and Neptune with a pair of horses and gave reins to Hercules. Came directly from the water and place were rare beauty and undeniable strength. And Hercules thanked, Why had again to prove his power straddling the zemena horses.
With beautiful words and brilliant intelligence came Hermes, bringing a sword with rare engravings, who had in silver scabbard for Hercules.
Tied in the middle of Hercules, asking him to keep sharp and brilliant. "We need to divide and cuts", He said Mercury "and be moving with precision and skill required".
And Hercules thanked him with words of joy.
Had to prove the excellence of which boasted.
With the trumpet sound and Rapids podokrotimata flashed the chariot of the Sun God. Apollo arrived and with the Light and grace of the accorded Hercules, giving him a bow, a bright bow.
Through nine wide open Gates must pass the student before they acquired enough skill to stretch the bow.
So time needed for evidence of Sagittarius.
And yet when he was given the gift, Hercules took it by faith for strength, a power that until now were unproven. And so stood armatwmenos.
The gods stood around his teacher and observed tales of joy. Playing in front of the Gods and made demonstration of prowess, who make your boast in his power.

Suddenly stopped and has thought deeply for a long time. Then gave the horses a friend to keep, the sword in another and the bow in a third.
And running, It disappeared in the nearby forest.
The gods awaited his return with amazement and embarrassment for the strange behavior of. Turned from the forest, holding high a wooden bat cut from a robust new tree.
"This is mine", cried, "Nobody gave me. What can I use it with power. Gods, track and symparastatheite in my major works ". And then and only then the teacher said:
"Proceeded to labors"…!

ToyIrakli exploits”, Alice Mpeϊli, Kedros editions WzWE2zs6.dpuf

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