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Amphipolis.gr | The offer of Amphipolis

At 19-4-2015 in this column, my text was published entitled "the case of Amphipolis ' and following it received electronically the following letter:

"I'm Maria-Eugenia Francisco, a fellow student of ARISTOTLE from Argentina and I'm studying archaeology at the ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY of THESSALONIKI (now I am graduate).

"I read your article in the «Agelioforos.gr» about Amphipolis and tumulus Kasta. I agree with all that you've written and really sorry that the State does not give importance in space, as an archaeologist and philhellene who I am I can not figure it out.

"Last year I was invited from various Argentine universities to speak about the tumulus, because they made a great impression the finding, and because no archaeologists in my specialty in Argentina, I did a lot of presentations showing the discoveries and developments of the excavation from the k. Peristeri. You can see well that and up to distant countries reached new.

"There is a lot of interest worldwide and it is incomprehensible how do not exploit it at least from the economic side in times of crisis. I really want to do something to highlight this excavation and to help and within Greece not stays in the past forgotten this huge work done now in Amphipolis. So I'm at your disposal if you have in your thinking to do something that can help place. I have a great love for Greece and specifically about Macedonia and I am ready to do everything,What I can to help.

Με εκτίμηση

Maria-Eugenia Francisco»

The archaeologist from Argentina by letter of affect both the wrong tactics of the Greek Ministry of culture and at the same time indicates the amount of interest that exists for Amphipolis and in distant countries like Argentina. Logically one would expect someone that, After the global interest generated for Amphipolis, the Greek State would care for completion of the excavation and the creation of conditions to be soon visited the monument, so the country has economic benefits from the quality tourism that will bring the monument but also at other levels, because the Amphipolis with its monuments and its history as a base of the Macedonian Hellenism recalls in every direction the timeless presence and offer of the Macedonian Hellenism, in antiquity joined the Greeks and led him to the miracle of great excursion in the East, where spread the Greek language and culture.

Setting aside the news back to topic kochlazoysa to point out that the Ministry of culture (It considers that the yperchrimatodotithike excavation in Amphipolis and is probably not on the priorities), moving in the wrong direction. Amphipolis has a huge archaeological site with important monuments (ancient high school with unique vow-code of conduct for athletes, Hellenistic houses, hundreds of graves, parts of the ancient wall that describes Thucydides, early Christian churches in the ancient Acropolis etc.) of course all with Greek inscriptions and should emerge as one of the most important centers of the Macedonian Hellenism, and for economic reasons (with attracting quality tourism) But why the monuments of Amphipolis "ftheggontai" expressing the Ecumenical Hellenism. For’ This and the ancient Amphipolis, with its monuments sparked global interest, multiple can offer in today's Greece and Hellenism.

AGELIOFOROS TIS KIRIAKIS Author: Dimitris Garoyfas

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