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Μέσα στις επόμενες εβδομάδες θα εγκαινιαστεί η ακτοπλοϊκή σύνδεση Θεσσαλονίκης-Σμύρνης, He stressed the Marshal of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikwstas, Speaking at the event "City Streets-cultural routes, organized by Region and the Regional Development Fund…

At The Same Time, Mr. Tzitzikwstas spoke about reboot, in the next few days, Thessaloniki Tourism Organization, with another composition and flexibility in the operation of. Said, even, that the new NSRF will join the enhancement and restoration of the Western sea front of Thessaloniki.

In that regard the tourist stream to the city, underlined that, as seen from the airport arrivals and overnights in hotels, a significant increase.

As noted in the event, Central Macedonia has a lot to offer visitors who seek something more than the natural beauty and noted that Vergina, Mount Athos, Amphipolis, the Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki are a cultural treasure and “buried gold vein”, that might not be sufficiently exploited to attract tourists.

The need for synergies, among the actors of culture and tourism, chrissa Zarkali pointed, museologist, contact the State Museum of Modern Art, hosting 1.277 Kostaki collection projects. He pointed out that cultural tourism can work for the benefit of all involved, However, as said, It is necessary a series of interventions on infrastructure, transport, the operating framework (e.g.. flexible hours) and competitive services.

An attraction for many tourists is the Museum of Byzantine culture in Thessaloniki, He was awarded the 2005 as the Council of Europe's Museum. The head of the, archaeologist, 05 Tsilipakoy, He stressed that from the 2011 until the 2014 his traffic grew by 120% and White Tower, attached to the Museum at 135%.

The journalist and writer, Christos Zafiris, He stressed that tourism is missing the strategic objective and the operators operate disjointed.

Greeting at the event wrote, also, the Secretary General of Central Macedonia, John George, Voula Patoulidou and Sophia Mavridou, as well as the Chairman of the Macedonian Museum of contemporary art, Xanthippi Heupel.

Source: ANA-MPA

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