| The Alexandrias of Alexander

The Alexandrias founded Alexander

(A). The Total Alexandrias Referred

1 Alexandria in Thrace. According to Plutarch, built the 339 e.g., during the campaign, and the victory of Alexander on Maidwn (NB. about in today's County ΄Ebroy).

2 Alexandria Bay in Thrace in the black. Was built in 334 e.g., When despatched Alexander with the Army on their way to Asia.

3 Alexandria in Troas. Built on the beach of Dardania after victory in Graniko River ( NB. in today's Turkey across from the island of Samos).

4 Alexandria in Latmw of Caria. For this there are no other items. Has vanished is the city of Caria Alinda, they fled the Party Queen, that and handed it over to Alexander.

5 Alexandria at Issus-Cilicia. Was built in 333 e.g., After the victory at Issus (NB. Alexandretta in Turkey today across from Cyprus).

6 Alexandria in Egypt. The tradition of Egypt in December 332 e.g., Alexander chose the site to build the largest as the imagined Shopping Center in the Eastern Mediterranean. Plans for oikodomisitis megaloprepesteris from all of the Alexandrias commissioned leading architect of his time. the Deinokrati. Building began in 331 e.g. (NB. today's Alexandria, Egypt).

7 Alexandria in Cyprus. Founded in 331 e.g. in Western Cyprus, from the King of Solon Pasikrati, or his son, Nicocles.

8 Alexandria in Assyria – Boots/Gaygamila. Founded in 331 e.g. after victory in Gaygamila.

9 Alexandria at Parthyini or Alexandroypolis. Was built in 330 p. X, in a location near today's city Sachroynt. In which country..........

10 Alexandria In Areia / Areia. Was built in 320 e.g., 200 km southeast of Artakoana, where today located in the city of Herat in Western Afghanistan.

11 Alexandria in Gedrwsia. Founded in 330 e.g., When Alexander spent with the army in Gedrwsia.

12 Alexandria in Arachwsia. Founded in 330 e.g. after the subjugation of Arachwsias, in today's city Kandachar in East Pakistan.

13 Alexandria in the Caucasus / Parapamisades. Was built in 329/8 e.g. in the southern slope of Mount Paropamisoy, called the Indian Caucasus. Today's village of Mpegram Afghanistan, 40-50 miles northeast of the capital Kabul.

14 Alexandria in Bactria / Baktra. It is the Stone of Bactrian Aorno, that spring 329 e.g. made her base beyond their outings and rebuilt. Today is the city Karabolak, South on current region the Kunduz province, in Afghanistan.

15 Alexandria in Iaxarti / Tanaϊ. Was High and Alexandreschata. It was built within the limits of the Sogdian 329 e.g.

16 Alexandria in Makarini.

17 The first Alexandria on wxo.

18 The second Alexandria in ΄Wxo.

19 Alexandria in Margo.

20 Alexandria in Sogdia.

21 The Boykefalios Alexandria or Boykefalia.

(B). The Confident Alexandrias

1 Alexandria in Latmw of Caria (the year 334 e.g.)

2 Alexandria in Issus of Cilicia (the year 333 e.g.)

3 Alexandria in Egypt (the year 331 e.g.)

4 Alexandria in Assyria (the year 331 e.g.)

5 Alexandria in Areiois (the year 330 e.g.)

6 Alexandria in Arachwsia ( the year b.c.)

7 Alexandria in Caucasus or at Parapamisadais (the year 329 e.g.)

8 Alexandria in Baktra (the year 329 e.g.)

9 Alexandria in Iaxarti or otherwise the Capital (the year 329 e.g.)

10 The Alexandria of Margoy (the year 328 e.g.)

11 The Alexandria of Sogdwn (the year 327 e.g.)

12 Alexandria – Boykefaleia (the year 326 e.g.)

13 Alexandria in Akesini (the year 326 e.g.)

14 Alexandria in Indian, or the Alexandria Wpiani (the year 325 e.g.)

15 The Alexandria of Moysikanwn (the year 325 e.g.)

16 The Alexandria of Swrianwn or the Pattalini Alexandria (the year 325 e.g.)

17 Alexandria in Wreitais (the year 325 e.g.)

18 Alexandria in Soysiani (the year 324 e.g.)

19 Alexandria in Babylon in Euphrates River (the year 324 e.g.)

(C). The Controversial Alexandrias

The controversial Alexandrias is:

1 Alexandria in Sakastini

2 Alexandria in Wxiani

3 Alexandria in Sogdiana

4 Alexandria in Makarini

5 Alexandria in ΄Wrois

6 Alexandria in Carmania

7 Alexandria in Cyprus

8 Alexandria in Thraki in the black Bay (1)

References / Βιβλιογραφία:

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