| We walk to Amphipolis

He began the effort for a peaceful March in order to manifest the strong desire by many to become open the Tomb on the Hill Kasta.

Thousands of world ( in Greece and abroad ) waiting anxiously to visit the grave on the Hill Kasta . When will open for tourists ; Why is slow ;

Την Κυριακή 7-6-2015 We walk from Rodolivos until Mesolakkia ( 13 km ) to express our strong desire to become the Memorial can be visited .

11.00 am Arrival with cars in Rodolivos . Path pedestrians inside Rodolivos. Lead the musicians, followed by pedestrians and motorcyclists .

11.45 am Departure ( with vehicles ) by Rodolivos for Small Souli . Arrival at the Small Souli on 11.51 am

11.51 am Moving into the small Souli ( until the 12.11 mins pm )

12.11min PM departure with vehicles from Small Souli . Arrival in the new breed the Sundays ' pm .

12.18′ ′ until 12: 38 pm course pedestrians within the new breed .

12.38min to 12.45 am going with vehicles in Mesolakkia .

12.45′ ′ 13.05 to March in the Mesolakkia .

13.05min beam end . For those wishing , food in focus area stores .



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