| 18 April-international day of monuments and sites

As international day of monuments and sites 18th April has been established by Unesco and the International Council of monuments and sites (ICOMOS), which every year propose a specific topic for the emergence of its meaning.

In this context, events are carried out by the national and international scientific committees of the Council, with the main objective of the awareness of public opinion and the State heritage matters. This year, completed 50 years from the founding of ICOMOS, the scope of activities is wide and covers a variety of aspects of the protection and promotion of heritage architecture.

Specific, on Tuesday 21 April, the festive event that will be held in the building of the International Council of monuments and sites (Piraeus 73, Athens), at 6 in the afternoon, will be dedicated to the international day of monuments and sites, on the anniversary of 50 times, and the award of the distinguished members of ICOMOS: Petros Themelis, Nicholas Moytsopoyloy, Nicholas Agriatwni, Dionisio Ziva and Anastasios Portelanoy.

At a date to be announced shortly, will be presented the book ' The Protection of Archaeological Heritage in Times of Economic Crisis» ("The protection of the archaeological heritage in times of economic crisis"), with the announcements and the conclusions of the International Conference organized by ICOMOS Greece in Athens 2012, While on Monday 15 June 2015 will be held at the Auditorium of the Ministry of education, Culture and religious affairs (Bouboulinas 20 – 22) scientific Colloquium: "The ICOMOS and protecting cultural heritage. Cultural Internationalism and Greek national policy in the 21st century».

In June (expected date of communication) the event at the National Technical University of Athens will be dedicated to the celebration of 40 anniversary of the Declaration of Amsterdam (1975) for the protection of architectural heritage, While in September (16 until 21) the ICOMOS will go in Syros, where is co-hosting an event with the International Scientific Committee on historic towns.


The International Council of monuments and sites, ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) It is the most authoritative international professional, non-governmental organization, that promotes the theory of methodology, technology and media for the protection and enhancement of historical monuments and sites of the countries of the world. It has members specialists from around the world and operates in 104 countries and at 5 continents. Is the technical consultant of Unesco on the protection of cultural heritage, capacity in which examines the proposals of the countries – members of Unesco for registering national monuments on the World Heritage list (Natural and cultural).

At The Same Time, with 21 international special scientific committees, studying specialized subjects, as the fortifications and defensive architecture, the management of cultural heritage, the protection of historic cities and settlements, cultural tourism and other.


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