| Wine trade in ancient Amphipolis

In an excavation in Amphipolis found many amphoras that were obviously wine. In the description of the archaeologist we part of the text with a particular interest in.

“The oxypythmenoi aforeis abafoi have mainly thassian origins, like most of the maryroyn 116 ensfragistes handles found. The fillings are parallelogram, up usually lists the known source General: ThASIWN, a symbol is inserted in the middle and down the producer or wine merchant. The symbols, that answer, is:

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Javelin, Clam, Palm, vine leaves, arytaina, Astragalus, Stork, palmette, Scythe, Dolphin, fruit and olive leaf, ermaϊki column, Caduceus, Horn, OWL, Medusa head, COB, Satyr, Snake, sandal, Pomegranate, bow, the head of a RAM, and Taurus, and vessels as: pithari, amphora, alabasters, jug, sepal, beetle, lamp, dinos, crater, pitcher.
The names of the producers or traders, listed are:
Virile, Aeschrion of Pergamon, Archinax, Aristidis, Aristodikos, Astykrewn, Dealkos, Deinwpas, Heraclides, Thespwn, Kratistwnax, Lewmedwn, Nicodemus, Polyadis, Highest, Cub, Satyr, and Feidippos.
With enough security most of the names above, dating from 350 until the 300 e.g., While the Satyr and Feidippos from the first half of the 3rd century. e.g., and the Astykrewn around the middle of the same century.
Lydia Kranioti
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