Amphipolis keeps the Greeks to ransom

The impressive findings from the tomb of Amphipolis, that have spurred the global interest, refers extensive the Reuters article.

With title, "The mysterious Tomb dating from the era of Alexander keeps the Greeks to ransom ', the publication reports the most popular theories for the occupant of the Tomb, while giving political ramifications in the whole thing.

At the beginning of the article noted that "the archaeologist Katerina Peristeri went from obscurity to recognition after the discovery of a marble tomb at Amphipolis dating from the era of m. Alexandrou, While only in the last month was awarded three times».

The Greeks are looking for heroes, and the Samaras for good news.

THE tumulus It may be the last residence of Olympiad, of Roxanne or one of the generals of m. Alexandrou, According to the theories so far, referred to in article, but these theories grow even further the popularity of k. Peristeri.

Then adds:

"After six years of economic crisis, political unrest and international humiliation because of the memorandum, the Greeks are desperately searching for heroes and Antonis Samaras is looking for some good news».

As stated in the publication "the stories for Amphipolis sold like ... hot buns, While at the same time opponents of the Samara react with political overtones that has given the excavation.




Alexander's campaign around the world aimed at the dissemination of the culture of light. the cultural contribution of him and of his epigonwn in the countries from where it passed is undeniable and exairete even today from their people. Founded many cities,built wondrous monuments,taught disciplines,Arts,philosophy,Theology,ethical values.
Pagkosmiopoiise the then known world and spread the Greek language,which later became the language of the Gospel is the most refined language as to the theological formulation,philosophical,and scientific concepts.

(Alexander was fascinated by the stories he heard about Dionysus and his campaigns in the countries of’ where he spent for the same purpose,who itami diffusion of the light of religion and high culture,together with the theological language,who was none other than Elliniki.Malista,maybe Alexander had linked to his work with the Dionysos project,as his successor,and Dionysus,like Alexander,He was declared a son of Zeus Ammon)

But according to ancient writers and another Greek,6.300 years before Alexander,campaigned in this same parts and the same purpose!This was the Dionysos.I campaign across the universe was designed,according Athanasios Stageiritis,the dissemination of Zeus worship(bright heavenly god)and glorious,noble and highest culture that springs from it.

So Dionysus came to India following the following route as preserves Stageiritis through many ancient writers:
From his native Thebes went to Phrygia where,Undergo purgatorial rites,He was initiated into the sacred mysteries and ordained iereas.Epistrefontas in Greece esynaxe crowded army,mainly women(!),to spread the religion and culture of light in every universe.

Initially went Stis deserts of Libya(Today's western desert of Egypt)where Libya

said they had a prophecy of Ammon, saying that the future son be visited their,Dionysus,to take over the kingdom and,having become a master of all the universe,He wants is thought god.

Then Dionysus founded there in the desert the oracle of Ammon,appointed priests and celebrations in his honor and built a city near it. This desert was called “Ammonius country” and is the current Siwa.

Because astronomical symbol of Ammon were Ram,the depicted with ram horns and flat’ extension, depicted so his son Dionyso.Argotera thus depicted and their Alexandro.I depicted wearing such a helmet.

Dionysus asked first oracle of Ammon for him. oracle campaign he was given was,that benefited if people will erdisei the athanasia.Den is therefore no accident that Alexander-having the same oracle and having restored it-he wanted to be buried ekei.Profanos knew before the story of Dionysus. After Libya Dionysus went to Egypt,where he taught the worship of Zeus Ammon and Olympou.Didaxe also agriculture,viticulture,winery,the zythopoiia.Synechise his campaign in Syria.

The Stageiritis informs us that the Jews END Bacchic ceremonies holding thyrsous.Dietrexe all Minor Asia.Sti Lydia took special reception and from there passed to Thraki.Sti Thrace fought and defeated the wicked king Lykourgo.Estepse king of Thrace domestic Tharopa,he taught him the mysteries of Dios.To and royal priesthood Tharopa succeeded his son,oeagrus,and that his son,Orpheus.

From Thrace went to Ethiopia where he fought against the wicked king Diriadi.Afou dominated the country,Anatolas.Diaperase headed to the river Euphrates ochoumenos on chariot coupled tigreonApo for this event called the river Tigris.Stin India dominated after giving battle with King Myrrano. Though, because estratefe very orderliness,rule of law and charity,demonstrating how troops to punish the bad guys and the good benefited,the edechonto everywhere filofronos,giving it willingly and all necessary and systratefomenoi him.

Whereafter passed institution cities,giving them usually name “Nysa”. Tamed and civilized savage peoples,their teaching the worship of the god of light and culture tou.Stin Rig Veda says that solar cult already during the 3rd millennium p.Ch.itan prevalent in half of humanity!
From India Dionysus spent in Bactria and then the country west of the Caspian Sea where he received indeed filofronos.Ekei,the Caucasus has found the oldest wine in a jar,solidified.

He went on Paphlagonia where estithei great dancing and there onamasthei the city Kallichoros.Prochorise west and traveled to all Aegean islands teaching the sacred rites. He continued in Athens where he taught the Eleusinian Mysteries and having passed throughout Greece and the Ionian islands,They turned to the West,which did not have to make Alexander…

Dionysus arrived in Spain and Portugal with three generals,Pan,who gave the name of Spain,the Lucy,who gave their name to Lousitania and Ivy. He returned to his native Thebes after three bles ho campaign,ADOPTED where the feast “Triiterida”.According to earlier myths,satyrs and Silenus were followers,other katetrechan and fought for’ This.

In a narration,was killed in a battle with Argeious.Entafiasthei Delphi near the Statue of Apollonos.Ston tomb of the Emperor Augustus dedicated his arms and Nero's guitar.

Source:Athanasios Stageiritis, Ogyngia, ekd.Eleftheri Skepsis
Excerpt from the article Vas.Deroukaki,”The tomb of Alexander the Great”,magazine “third Eye”.


Unique new finds from the undisturbed tomb in Vergina (FOTO)

A new page starts at excavations with the findings that came to light from the undisturbed tomb found at Vergina, to win the show!

In the grave, who reportedly belongs to a man who died at the time of Alexander the great, found several funerary gifts, they are important findings.

Indeed, Angeliki Kottaridi, that is the responsible archaeologist excavations, a few hours after the publication of two eyrymatwn anirtise Facebook photos of a utensil Symposium in which they mixed wine with water, found, Emphasizing the detail in the decoration of the vase, that highlights the exceptional level of Macedonian metallurgy.