Official announcement (04-11-14)

Σχετικά με τις απόψεις, heard and written in recent days about the course of the project the anaskafikoy tumulus Kasta of Amphipolis, the responsible excavator, k. K. Peristeri, Director of the Inspectorate of Antiquities Serron, expressing the whole excavation team, made the following statement:

"Some of the often occurring in the media, who consulted on the project, which fulfils our team, nor is archaeologists, Neither have been found in excavations similar to our own, However, neither, as far as we know, and in any other type of excavation. Is,at least, unscientific, through an Office to give someone view, so for a subject of an investigation which has never worked, and an archeological site which has never visited.

The excavation is performed with the best scientific way, in necessary time, obeying absolutely needs project and findings. THE,anything that is said to exercise any kind of pressure, It is chicanery. We work on the basis of archeological layers, they removed gradually and with particular attention the sandy soil. Film is used for removing, controlled throughout the course and then sifted. Where necessary, Depending on the texture of the soil, use shovel or scoop to remove the.

Special attention will be removed, in thickness 0, 20 m. the trailer soil, on the mosaic floor, which gradually revealed, When incisions, taking into account the tasks sidebar of retaining wall and stringing/wiring, carried out in parallel, so for the safety of the monument, and employees. Careful reading of dileptoy video,confirms these but sloppy commentators outperforms.

In point, where an experienced conservator uses “gouge”, the mosaic floor is not cleaned up but removed, carefully, stones and iron mass, which was glued to the surface, so then to clean the floor.

The space who excavated the tomb's Interior has nothing to do with smoothing soil area, as mentioned , but with excavation layer.

Note that it is sad, for such an important excavations, the polyemfanizomenoi non-archaeologists in the media, and especially in electronic, being limited to wryly comment on the way we do business, without being able to articulate a good reason for all the effort and struggle of people, all specialties, working everyday, under difficult conditions, in the tomb ".

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