Amphipolis was an important city of Macedonia (After the Capital EGAS), was the maritime base. From there it departed the fleet of Alexander the great to Asia.

It was founded as an Athenian colony in the year 430 a.C.y then conquered and annexed to Macedonia in the year 358 BC. by Philip II.

After the death of Alexander the main historical events happened in this region of Macedonia , in the North of Greece.

The colossal Tomb,You can hide sites have not been infringed.Archaeologists expect to find a fresh or a legend or inscription indicating the occupant

The geography of Amphipolis It changed from one in which lived the ancient Macedonians.

Modified the cause of Lake Kerkinitidas and the river Strymonas dried.
The River was navigable and allowed the access of vessels of different size .

The tomb was exactly opposite the Lake.

“It is almost impossible that we find away,But whatever it is, will surely have a relationship with him"said archaeologists.
There are very large hermetism and police guard around the excavations .

Chronology of Amphipolis

3000 AC.: on the banks of the Strymonas, How will it be appointed later River, a 60 km. the town of what is today Serres, settlers settled in the bronze age.

The area was mountainous and had dense forests and deposits of precious metals.

The site was therefore of the utmost importance.

480 AC the river Strymonas, as all the rivers in antiquity, He was revered as a God.

So the Persian king Xerxes, in his campaign against the Greeks, did bury alive to 9 young people and 9 Virgin as a sacrifice to the Dios Río.

However, This did not help and a year later the Persians were expelled from the area.

430 BC. after previous unsuccessful attempts, the Athenians conquered the area and founded the city of Amphipolis, first base of Athens in the region of Thrace.

They could take advantage of the abundant wood , vital for the construction of its famous Naval fleet.

The city becomes one of the most important points of the Athenian hegemony.

424 BC. the Spartans occupied city (We are in the seventh year of the Peloponnesian War). In 422 BC, in the battle of Amphipolis, the Spartans, under the command of General Brasidas, the Athenians forced to flee, with big losses:

421-415 BC. peace comes and the war stops. However, Sparta does not return the city of Amphipolis to Athens and again start hostilities.

413-399 BC. Archelaus (in ancient Greek Άρχέλαος) King of Macedonia of the argead dynasty ( son of Perdiccas II of Macedon) , reorganized the administration of the State. Lower Macedonia is divided into administrative urban areas which Amphipolis is one of the most important .

358 BC: Amphipolis became part of the Kingdom of Macedonia under Filipo II . This begins with the exploitation of the mineral sources in the region on a large scale .

Amphipolis becomes a source of wealth for the State , the economic power of the United.

The amazing crowns and vases of the Macedonian tombs, coins and much of the money for the campaign of Alexander comes from the mineral deposits in this area .

356-323 a. C. Amphipolis becomes an important naval base of the Macedonians in Aegean Sea.

From this city operate three important admirals: Nearco, Androsthenis and Laomedotus.

Here it sets sail the fleet of Alexander the great with destination Asia.

In addition the Centre of production of coins of the vast state is set.

Roman and Byzantine period : Amphipolis became the capital of one of the four administrative districts in which the Romans divided Macedonia.

The city flourished until the 5th-6th century A.D..

However, with the raids of the Slavs falls into neglect.

1913 – first scans are carried out by Greek archaeologists in Amphipolis, those are large pieces of marble of the lion that crowned the mound.

Later was held the same restoration and placement at its original base .

1964 – officially begins digging in an area of 20 hectares and many graves are.

2012 -you discover the perimeter of marble from 3 meters of height and a diameter of 497 meters.It is dated around 325-300 BC.

It is made of marble of Thasos and is determined that it is a project Deinokratis. (friend , Architect and technical adviser for Alexander the great ).

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