Official announcement (02-9-14)

Continued intensively by the multidisciplinary team, under the direction of k.. K. Peristeri, the Hill Kasta, technical work armoring funerary monument and the immediately surrounding area, to avoid repercussions from any weather.

Tasks include :

  1. Destruction of the first formation of the Chamber to a step counterbalance ,for the stability of the second diaphragm (foto 1,2).
  2. Completing the necessary tasks of retaining walls for temporary stabilization of an epistyle of the second diaphragm, which appears to be based unsteadily. (foto 3)

l_14826- l_14825- l_14823- l_14822- l_14821- l_14820- l_14819-

  1. Completing the necessary actions on retaining wall of Sphinxes. (foto 4,5)
  2. Construction job level, with plywood plates, the first partition, at the level of an epistyle , for safe access and detailed the near observation and inspection of the dome of the first Chamber but also for the safety of workers. (foto 6)
  3. Construction of temporary straggistikis annulus, on the outer perimeter of the enclosure, for easy draining rainwater and fitting membrane steganwtikis, behind the site of the existing input protection stegastoy in the Tomb. (foto 7,8)

In progress the design of retaining and ypostilwsis provisional measures of the second diafragmatos, particularly towards the Western side, in order to allow safe access and work apochwmatwsis and dome support the second Chamber.

While work continues cleaning the enclosure of the mound, in the Southwest. After the completion of the measures of protection, the excavation work will begin within the monument. (foto 9)

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