Official announcement (07-9-14)

On Thursday 4 September, wide-ranging meeting on the construction site of the Hill Kasta, under the General Secretary of the Ministry of culture and sport,. Lina Mendoni, with the multidisciplinary team, the head of which is the k. K. Peristeri and involving executives of ancient monuments of the YPPOA Address.

Was an overall assessment of the measures, taken for the protection of the monument, after heavy rain the previous day, which were considered completely satisfactory. At The Same Time, continued ypostilwsis and retaining works of structural elements in the Interior of the monument, in order to evolve, with safe mode the excavation work.

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On Friday 5 September, evacuated soils, behind the second septal wall, in order to balance the geostatic impulses of land between two spaces. With the removal of soils revealed, at a distance 2 metres from the dome and 4,5 measures, about, from the floor, marble rectangular plate, length 4.2 m, width 1 m. and thickness of 0.21 m, in excellent condition.(foto 1) Grounded marginally in third septal pwrino stone wall and into the upper part orthomarmarwsis, which bring ripple. (foto 2) At the bottom of the plate is there written decoration in blue, Red and yellow color, where are panels with rosette in the Center. (foto 3,4). It is part of the roof of this space.

In the same place, created between the second and third septal wall, significant impairment of tholitwn cross-section, in both the Western parts, as much of the eastern part of the dome. Antistirichthike the coronation of the dome, by placing wooden beams in contact with foamed substrate and vertical prop. (foto 5).

Retaining jobs and became the second septal wall, which bring architrave and cornice, with wooden frame and transverse braces of metal heating joists. Extra, revealed that the bearing of an epistyle conditions. It was found that the vertical crack of an epistyle spans the height and it is thru. The area in front of the architrave was placed triangular metal frame, alongside the South side of. The architrave antistirichthike with four lateral braces, which rooted in metal frame.

Saturday 6 September, the removal of the soil in front of the architrave, It allowed serious strengthening of stringing/wiring of the broken section of the, with vertical heating joists, a wooden touch.

With the removal of sandy soils, in the space in front of the second septal wall, uncovered beneath the marble architrave, among the, also, marble pilasters, two magnificent art caryatids , by thassian marble (foto 6) inherent in column, cross-section 0, 20Ch0, 60 m.

The face of Western karyatidas survives almost intact,(foto 7,8 ), While the Eastern is missing.(foto 9). The caryatids have rich bostrychoys, They cover their shoulders, bear ear tags, and wear cheiridwto tunic. The right hand of one and left the other was protetammena, so by moving them to prevent symbolically those who will attempt the entrance to the tomb and it was nested. Followed, i.e., the same technique, as on wings and heads of Sphinxes. Forms, on which traces of red and blue color, refer to the type of Daughter. Among the sandy soils found fragments of sculptures, as part of Palm and smaller fragments from their fingers. The layout of the second entry with the caryatids is an important finding, which supports the view that this is a prominent monument, of particular significance.

In front of the caryatids, and from the waist and bottom, sealing wall of limestone is revealed across the width of 4, 5 m. ( foto 10, 11) This is the second sealing wall that follows the same technique, as in facade funerary monument. Is one more feature of the effort by manufacturers to prevent entry to the monument.

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