Official announcement (11-9-14)

Continued the excavation work on the Hill Kasta Amphipolis, by CAY Ephorate of Antiquities.

Today, removed the first dome of sealing wall in front of the caryatids and revealed the continuation of two layers of cheiridwtwn sculptures. (foto 1)

The tunics bearing exceptional art folds. (foto 2,3).

l_14922- l_14921- l_14920- l_14919- l_14923-

The caryatids, from the external side, It seems that they also raise slightly the tunic, with the corresponding hand.(foto 4). Facial and parts of Eastern karyatidas pole, found during the excavation and were attributed to sculpture. (foto 5).

The members of the interdisciplinary team found that internal arms karyatidon not supported in the architrave, as there are no links molybdochoisis, either edit the bottom surface of a marble epistyle, to justify the terms of support.

Work progressed on the expulsion of sandy soils in the area, front and back of the septal wall with caryatids. Up the marble ceiling level, the two side walls are covered by marble uprights, who mimic the precinct.

At The Same Time, get the technical operations for the bracing and the restore of the monument, in the space behind the caryatids:

1.Completed the bracing of the north side of the septal wall second with caryatids and the South side of the third septal wall.

2.Completed, the bracing- the dome to restore space, behind the caryatids.

  1. Additional protective measures were taken in Western Karyatidas, with vertical ypostilwsis mounting on both sides of this. Restore additional requirement, due to finding extra vertical crack in the head, due to increased crush load, which comes mainly from the support of the marble slab of the roof and from the western part of an epistyle.
  2. Complete the secure ceiling plate restore marble.

Continued the topographic mapping of part of the enclosure, that was revealed this year, the right and left of the entrance of the funerary monument, with satellite and terrestrial surveying methods (3D laser scanning). Extra, topografikis started documentation of the surroundings of the monumental complex .

Finally for the protection of the monument and workers placed lightning rod on the top of the Hill.

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