Official announcement (12-9-14)

The excavation work is continuing in the tumulus Kasta Amphipolis, by KI΄ Ephorate of prehistoric and classical Antiquities.

Far, the removal of sandy soils in the area, behind the septal wall with caryatids, It reached three meters from the floor. After removing the sandy soil turned up the upper part of the third septal wall. In this section, showed the existence of elaborate marble perithyrwmatos, Ionic style, like the rest of the architectural elements of space. The marble fragment of yperthyroy, found symfyes cornice which covers the opening entry. (foto 1,2)

l_14939 l_14940

In the day will attempt to login to the site, from the existing opening, in the upper western part of the third septal wall. So, you will establish access conditions members of the interdisciplinary team and technical infrastructure. The aim is to design and to adopt the measures necessary to ensure the protection of workers and the third space. At The Same Time, will become meticulous documentation of the current situation in the area.

Continues, also, the topographic mapping, in order to obtain the exact geometry of the monument. On the basis of the final geometry will be drawn the total retaining and ypostilwsis study of the monument. So, ensure the necessary technical data for the compilation of studies integrated protection and future promotion of the monumental ensemble.

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