Official announcement (30-9-14)

Continued from the CAY’ Ephorate of prehistoric and classical Antiquities, the archaeological research in the funerary complex of hillside Kasta Amphipolis. Removed the last two saves only its lower stones of the wall sealing, in front of the second septal wall, (foto 1) revealing in total marble pedestals (foto 2), on which pull the Caryatids.

The decoration of the radical is a continuation of orthomarmarwsis of walls. It consists of marble surfaces with peritainia. The pedestal height is 1, 40 m., have a width of 1, 36 m. and thickness 0, 72m. The total height pedestal and statue is 3, 67 m.(foto 3). The second-floor space is elevated at 0, 07 pm. Color blue footprints are found in front of above the surface, (foto 4).

l_15079- l_15080- l_15081- l_15082-

Continued, also, the excavation work, in the area behind the caryatids, with removal of soil at a depth of up to 1, 5 m. revealing the continuity of orthomarmarwsis of walls, as in previous space, and much of the thyrwmatos, that leads to the third space.

Completed, even, retaining jobs by adding columns to the first space and simultaneously placed horizontal Struts to the second, in order to proceed with the apochwmatwsi. At The Same Time, with the continuation of apochwmatwsis, in the doorway of the third septal wall, work began stringing/wiring in the third space.

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