Official announcement (21-9-14)

By removing three rows of marble stones of the wall sealing, in front of the second septal wall, uncovered the whole Caryatids, which have a height of 2, 48 m. Wear robe tunic and long ciliated himation with rich folds. (Foto 1, 2). Bear kothornoys, who is decorated with red and yellow, While the fingertip of their feet have been attributed with fine detail. (Foto 3, 4).

Stand on marble pedestals, 1 33 pm length. and width of 0, 68 m. ", which have been revealed, for the moment, at a height of approximately 0, 30 m. (Foto 5). The appearance of radical is formed with stepseis and uprights. Follow IE, the type of marble lined walls all cubicles. The distance between the two platforms is 1, 68 m. ", and the opening of the first thyraion septal wall with the Sphinxes. (Foto 6, draft). On the surface of the podium of the Eastern Karyatidos, distinguished red color. Also, When removing the sand backfill in the vicinity of Karyatidon found parts of their hands.

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In third place was held by sampling drilling, with manual drilling rig, in default locations. (Foto 7). So, marble doorframe detected, opening 0,96 m. , on the North wall of the. (Foto 8).

In the same place made measurements on air content, inside and showed that the content of elements oxygen and carbon monoxide is at normal levels. Increased is only relative humidity (87%), While the temperature ranges from 21,5 – 22,70C.

The above conditions of the microclimate of the third space does not create any problem for workers inside the.

Technical work

Access to the third place of the monument for retaining placement- stringing/wiring, and the continuation of the excavation process prepares systematically with parallel actions , that are in process.

  1. It was decided by the multi-disciplinary group entry to third place, not done by the hole in the upper western part of the third septal wall, but by ancient entry. (Foto 9). Therefore, before any other work I removed the Earth from the second site, I removed the fallen section of yperthyroy and ypostylwthei the doorway between the second and third space, with wood elements. (Foto 10).

  2. Will reinforce the bracing in second place, in a lower level of, in order to undertake additional external triggers land, After the removal of the epichwsis.

  3. Prepares work flooring, with the removal of soil from the second site, so it is possible to enter long-retaining metal components and stringing/wiring of the third space. Also I removed additional stones from the wall sealing, in front of the caryatids, for the placement of soil removal conveyor belt and carrying stones for industrial crane, the third space. (Foto 11).

  4. Soil removal, over 1 m., from the first space (almost as the flooring) and retaining and expanding the stringing/wiring, also because of the level of internal change backfill.

  5. Katabibasmoy of backfilling operations, casings and directly over the monument, will take place after the first phase of the temporary retaining walls-stringing/wiring of the third space, before IE, to begin the removal of backfill.

  6. The study is in progress of retaining measures and stringing/wiring of the third space, in order to determine the quantities and the placement of elements retaining posts-stringing/wiring, and mounting phases, in connection with the excavation work.

  7. For the treatment of stormwater runoff, from the area of the monument, designed duct placement, along the large annulus, outside the precinct.

  8. Performed geotechnical investigation in the area of the monument for the ascertainment of the recommendation and the Geotechnical properties of existing gewϋlikwn. The investigation will be done with a sufficient number of boreholes and laboratory tests.

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