Official announcement (14-9-14)

On Friday 12-9-2014 became the members of the interdisciplinary team, the third Chamber of the monument, from the existing hole in the wall of the third aperture, to illustrate the existing archaeological picture of and to determine the structural condition of the cabin, in order to design the measures necessary to retaining and stringing/wiring. (foto 1, draft).

From the in situ observation arose the following data: The height of the sandy soil is lower than that in the previous two venues. On soils found Sandy natural sediments with fossils of shells, derived from the natural terrain of the Hill Kasta. According to the geological observations it appears that the earth remains undisturbed.

Internally, the canopy is made of limestone, just like in former wards.(foto 2,3)

The three vertical walls-East, Western and Northern- in the visible part, Repeat the same marble coating format, like the two previous wards, with uprights , Coronation and Ionic architrave. (foto 4,5)

l_14985- l_14967- l_14966- l_14965- l_14964- l_14963- l_14962- l_14961- l_14960- l_14968-

In the southern wall-the visible part of- the right and left of thyrwmatos, continues the marble coating. The Super travertines are covered with red color coating. (foto 6). Forfeited the inner section of yperthyroy.(foto 7).

The dome of the Chamber shows is in a State of limit equilibrium, (foto 8) the voussoirs in the region of the coronation to show open joints, in nifty depth, from the inner surface. In almost all of the observed cracking and tholitwn in addition to extensive areas, on either side of the coronation, found significant mass loss of material. (foto 9)

Marble stanchions around, the visible part of the vertical walls are systematically peeling pieces found on the surface of backfill, photographed, numbered and perisynelegisan.(foto 10). The detachment seems to be the result of intense distress, probably from the large amount of filling the dome. Specific, the southern part of the Chamber is charged from height 2 m land. about, While in the North the lands have a height about 12-13.

The above technical data do not allow safe execution of removal of soil from the third Chamber, before taking the necessary protective measures. In Particular, bracing-prop of the Chamber, I used stronger provision than that of the previous two cubicles. It will comprise a system of horizontal beam plaisiwtwn, in length and width of the cabin, for the bracing of the vertical walls of the geostatic triggers. To support the canopy I used metal heating beams. The removal of the soil will be made by instalments, in areas of backfill, enabling the secure fit of the bearing of shoring.

The application of retaining measures and stringing/wiring, because of the difficulty of access to space and the requirement for special attention, due to adverse structural situation, will require several days of work.

End, work is ongoing documentation of geometric monument and its surroundings, While the city of Amphipolis mounted floodlights and security system.

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