Amphipolis: He joined marquetry and fragments of the mosaic, of Karyatidas, of wings

Amphipolis: He joined marquetry and fragments of the mosaic, of Karyatidas, of wings
«Tell us, are of great artistic value; We see that they are beautiful, but they are really works of art;"we asked shortly after the end of the marathon presentation of excavation in Amphipolis. The answer was absolute and clear "are masterpieces. Unique creations attic workshops. "

Despite objections, the ambiguities, the questions, the questions that flared up more than taϊstikan with elements in excavation travelogue for Amphipolis which made Jamie Peristeri together with the architect Dimitris Lefantzi and the civil engineer Dimitri Egglezo, the undeniable fact is that it is a unique monument in the world. There is no precedent and this is obvious even now has not revealed any secret. It has only reveal the beauty of.

A beauty that will continue to unfold as became clear last Saturday in the presentation to the Ministry of culture. Experts are working intensively to assemble or to restore to life representations and images: The Caryatid without face, the mosaic with the abduction of Persephone and the wings of the Sphinx will continue to be disclosed if you acquire House. And cause even emotion in their Viewer.

The mosaics of Rapture of Persephone.
With speculation about why the large hole in the center of the mosaic depicting the abduction of Persephone to continue (There was an altar, looking for something the Tomb robbers, and so on.) the Peristeri Katerina revealed that Digger have found several pixels. Have cleaned studied and already has begun the process of assembling, They fitted in its correct position. The mosaic will reveal even more secrets, Although it is not clear yet to what extent. It is noted that the mosaic and the edging is one of the elements used by the excavation team for the dating of the monument in the last quarter of the 4th century BC.

The Caryatid without face
Won the face of Karyatidas the Tomb robbers; No, This was not, Katerina Peristeri and assures Jamie Lefantzis. The fall of a spar broke the face. If it had been removed with a chisel or other tool would be no cracking horizontal in sculpture. Apparently tumbling the beam hit the nerve of marble and took away the whole piece.

We found fragments and pieces of, gathered, studied and will be followed by an effort to join in person, to complete the picture.

The Sphinxes will "fly"
It was the first finding which caused AWE, and global interest and suspense: The Sphinxes guards at the entrance of the monument. There we saw the Prime Minister bends over with admiration. The Lady Peristeri explained how they have found several fragments of feathers which have already made their welding in order to create as much as possible the spread of wings (without prejudice to the possibility of full recovery) and to complement the beauty and art of Sphinxes. We remind that the height of the statues are 1,45 m while in their bodies that are crafted with fine ntisilidiko, imprinted the plasticity and the high art of sculptors of the era.

The secrets that will tell us the human figures
And for the end we kept a finding which I never saw and revealed himself as the Minister Kostas Tasoylas in recent visit to Amphipolis: Performances with human forms in epistylia, detected before about two months and transferred in secrecy at the Museum of Amphipolis (meaning a local alarm and foyntwnontas rumors that matching signs). We know that you are going to faint human figures in red and blue color, without ruling out according to some archaeologists to ' show ', to include and the dead. Unfortunately currently has no procedure for the nomination and study, not even a photo shoot with ultraviolet to learn more facts about the show. But when revealed will definitely be another possible element of storytelling of this monument, the Tomb that so far talks with beauty symbols, AWE and prestigious.

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