As they progress maintenance on seven marble sections of "epistyles"-they belong to the third and most sophisticated space funerary monument, the Hill Kasta- revealed, gradually, performances. Specifies that the position of the marble members, which are part of these, bear black and white decoration. They were mounted on top of the uprights of the walls and beneath the marble ceiling joists, which, as has been announced, bear, also, black and white decor, namely, imitation panels, with registered rosettes. l_15422 l_15423 l_15419 l_15420 l_15421

In one of the sections of "epistyles", during the first phase of maintenance work, which is still in progress, distinguished in the Centre animal, likely a bull and two forms, on the go, female and male (Photo 1,2,3,4). The right of female and male ydries distinguished left and rotors forms. The right winged form directed to a three-legged boiler (foto 5). In many parts of the show, as to the garment and at the head of the female form, in the garb of male and winged form and on tripods, are evident traces of colors red, Blue and ochre.

The upper part of a marble epistyle bring Ionic Wavelet decoration.

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