Astrolabe: A computer thousands of years

THE Astrolabe It is an ancient tool. Created before more than 2000 years, When people believed that the Earth is the center of the universe. Many claim that it is the “first computer” that ever existed, fact that, of course, disputed, mainly because of the Antikythera mechanism. But in any case, the astrolaboi is Mystery objects and sublime beauty.

In what were, though, a astrolabe; First and foremost was problem-solving tool. Calculate, for example, for the sake of the hour in the day, in accordance with the position of the Sun and stars in the sky. As in a computer, received data so that it can then give data. An astrolabe was, usually, made of copper and had a diameter of 15 cm – Although there were several larger.

In front of astrolaboy is ' painted ' the sky, on the basis of the 20 more bright stars. One of the first questions that they had to "answer" the astrolaboi for their usefulness was: If our forefathers believed that the universe was in the center of the Earth, How could I give the astrolabe components properly if, apparently, our solar system has been at the center of the Sun;

Yet our ancestors knew the relative sizes with the Earth and the Sun, but the distances between them. According to what we can see with our eyes, There is no difference between a heliocentric system or a system that would have been at the center of the Earth, at least as far,What about math.

The moving parts of the regulated astrolaboy in a specific time and then, on the face of the instrument, It appeared the map of the sky at that time. What is the usefulness; Many astronomical problems could be solved with a astrolabo. From what time it is, as we wrote earlier, until when will rose or I was setting the Sun. With the astrolabo could also someone bring. For Muslims scholars, This body was valuable because it could calculate the direction in which their sacred city, the Mecca and pray.

The origin of the, like other sciences, takes us back to classical Greece. We know that the Apollonius studied the view with the least astrolabo two hundred years before the birth of Christ. The theory behind the organ, developed even more, αργότερα, from the Hipparchus, who was born in Nice of Asia minor. All studies of Hipparchus – around 180 e.g.. – out on the island of Rhodes where he lived, and at the same time helped to development of trigonometry.

But when the theory the astrolaboy was Act; When IE found a real astrolabe in human hand; The first mention of an institution with the name astrolabe made in his works Marcus Vitruvius Pollio He died in 26 e.g.. and he described a clock in Alexandria, which had a rotating field of stars behind a metal frame.

Despite the fact that there is no proof, the Claudius Ptolemy (who reportedly died in 168 a.d.), certainly hinted in his writings (from his base in Alexandria), He had in his possession an instrument similar to the ones we recognize today, as can be seen from the descriptions of the geometry of the Earth-Sun system, which is used in the design of astrolaboy. Most historians of science of astronomy looking at the date 150 a.d. as a realistic fair evaluation for the construction of first astrolaboy.

Times are changing. Again, in Alexandria, almost three centuries after the Ptolemaeus, one “paganistria” woman mathematician and philosopher, the Hypatia, will be blamed by the Christian community of the city for Satanic rituals that include (inter alia) and astrolaboys. The mob attacked the Hypatia, the raped and ultimately ran the 415 a.d. A student of, the Theon of Alexandria, left behind copious notes about using astrolaboy but its use in the West for nearly a thousand years is nearing the end of.

It is not surprising that after the death of Ipatias, Europe lost astrolabo, After the fall of The Roman Empire, When posthaste went for the period of the story called Middle ages. A large part of the Hellenistic knowledge was lost to Western Europe, If, for the population, anything related to the relative technology, be considered “Pagan”. However, maintained and kept alive in the Islamic world, where there are multiple items from the use and development of.

The astrolabe and the technology will return to Europe, through The Arabs in Andalusia. Many historians argue that without the Islamists in Spain, the Renaissance you might as well not have happened ever. It is true that the ideas of the al-Andalus had spread throughout Europe and in the 12th century, many Western Europeans intellectuals gathered in places like Córdoba, that was considered as the center of “lost knowledge“. Many of the old Greek texts, that were not anywhere in Europe, they were translated into Arabic and taught in these knowledge spaces again. In these “educational centers” Western Europeans translated again into Latin and the astrolabe xanaegine known in most of the Western world.

Although the astrolabe was replaced by more accurate and specialized equipment in mid 17th century, used even today in astronomy, especially for educational purposes. The astrolaboi is not only respected for objects is their story, but also for their potential. Much more though, the astrolaboi are valued today as ancient instruments of astronomy for the magic and beauty.

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