Dionysus – the mythical God of mirth of feasting and mirth.

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The ancients our ancestors were deified several moments and aspects of daily life or social life and things you couldn't if you interpret or justify passed through the works and creations like mythology "gods and imithewn».

In Greek mythology, In addition to the twelve gods of Olympus, that was the most important, There were other gods not residing in divine this mountain. One of them was and GodDionysos. Was the most jovial of the gods and of the most loved people and offered a vineyard and wine

The hilarious God travelling sequel, visiting many countries and States to learn people how to cultivate the vines and how to make from their fruit wine. And, of course,, as a God of joy and mirth, I was traveling alone. The follower a bustling crowd.

The crowd that you saw women who danced with Berserker way, the Maenads as was, and strange beings who were people and animals together, that they were called Satyroys and Silinoys. Sometimes depicted sitting right hand of the father in Olympia lofts.

THE Dionysos as a mythological entity "is neither child nor no man, but eternal teenager, occupying a position between the two». With this form, represents "the spirit of energy and transformational power of game ' full of cunning, deception and strategies that indicate either divine wisdom or the archetype of «katergari», present in almost all mythologies around the world.

Stalwarts of God start along with him on long trips. I head the Dionysus crossed the Egypt, the Libya other countries in Africa. Then they went and Asia, in Arabs, inLydoys, in Phrygians, reaching up and India,where the most daring Navigator failed to reach.

Elsewhere the welcome friendly, their laughing or elsewhere were like enemies. But always there was the goodness of Dionysus and his companions. Fast symfiliwnontan with residents, they learnt how to cultivate the vine. The wonderful drink he God dread everywhere the fun. Made people forget their sorrows and emblazoned on their faces smile. Where she started trikoyberto feasting and not were other anything despite the cheerful sounds of musical instruments and the vivid songs.

So how can these people not worshiped the God; And it was God, Although his mother was a mortal, theSemele, the daughter of the King of Thebes Cadmus. THE Dionysos However gained immortality, that buoyed the gods from mortals and because his father was the Jupiter but more because it was born from God the second time. As strange as it sounds, the Dionysos twice born.

When the Jupiter ensnared by the virginal beauty Semele, approached and joined with her. Fruit of their Union was theDionysos. The Ira, however, wasn't going to leave but forgivable that the infidelity of her husband. Blinded by jealousy and revenge dipswntas, appeared in Semeleand with cunning way persuaded her to ask her lover to appear as God, not with human form, as always appear in front of. This will prove that she really loves.

Naive and unsuspecting daughter Cadmus, the next time you visited the Jupiter in the kamara, asked him to get the divine form of. Vain tried Zeus with words of love to dissuade. Bending forward at the insistence of appeared majestic, bright throughout the divine greatness. But it was impossible to endure the lacking mortal Flash of lightning and strike that ektinassontan from his hands. At a time when the flames on the wound Jupiter saved the infant she had in her womb and the thigh of them.

When completed nine months, Dionysus xanagennithike from the foot of the divine father. The King of Immortals knew very well that the jealous wife will quickly turned their anger on the newborn child. So we commissioned Hermes the keeping of. He handed it to her sister Semele,την Ino. The crafty Juno though sent craze in Ino and her husband and began mercilessly kill their children. The goddess had hoped that will kill so and Dionysus, but the winged God went and rescued the little Dionysus and confided this time at Nymphs.

They raised him with great affection and love, in the forest where he lived. Indeed, nowhere else we could not imagine growing God of the vine, Despite an idyllic landscape filled with trees and colorful flowers. There can never meet people. And when the King Lykourgos disturb the tranquility of pet chasing the Nymphs, katatromazontas theDionysus, punished hard by the Jupiter, which the blinded. So tough was always the punishment for all those people who epiboyleyontan God Dionysus.

The same bad luck also had some Tyrrinoi pirates who captured the God. When they saw a new so beautiful and Husky, they believed that this is some archontopoylo or even King. Happy thinking that will reap many ransom to release him, they tried to tie with heavy chains, but to accomplish· with a slight movement of the God was shaking over it. The amyaloi mortals however continue their efforts.

Only the Wheelman of boat tried to reintroduce them to the logical: "You don't see amyaloi how it is God; Don't be afraid of punishment; It can be even Neptune, that we will avenge our boat into throwing wild tempest. The best that we have to do is let him free ".

The captain and the other does not agree to let them leave "such treasure". At that time began to flow in boat red wine that stunned with the divine scent of sailors. At the same time a Klima began to wrap the mast and spreads loaded with juicy grapes branches throughout the boat. Watched bemused while the sailors, another miracle is before their eyes: the handsome young man who wanted to capture transforms into a fierce lion that the brychithmoi make the sailors to jump overboard to escape.

All transformed theDionysos in dolphins and not only felt mattered by rewarding him for his wisdom. As we have seen, Dionysus was loved and adored by people because they enjoyed the great taste of wine. They say that for the first time showed the King ofAetolia, the Oeneus. The tsopanis of, stafilos, had found a strange plant full of fruit and excited by the spiciness brought them and the King to thank him.

THE Oineas estypse zoymeroys them off and enjoyed the rich their juice. Since then Dionysus named him the wine and fruit juice grapes by the name of tsopani. Always with thyrso in a hand and a pot of wine in other cities had been browsing. Where find hospitable and friendly people, the learning how to make wine. So was and with residents of Ikaria,in Attiki, They greeted him with enthusiasm. Shortly before leaving their place, He advised the King in Icarian to preserve well the wine that made. But he did not follow his advice – "what harm can come from such an enjoyable drink!"thought.

The tsopanides of, someday, they found the barrels and drank so much wine that got drunk and started behaving with wild way. Having lost their sensible killed Icarian and his daughter Erigone from the heartache of suicide. The inhabitants of Ikaria particularly venerated the God Dionysus· in this area was cultivated much the dithyramb, the hymn to God, who composed the musical Arion. Indeed, They added something new. In music this anthem added lyrics. And because this composition the sang people disguised in Satyroys called tragomorfoys tragedy.

Of Course, devotional events for the God of the vine were, and in many other areas. Those who attended these events had to participate actively drinking wine and dancing under the influence of intoxication. Those who refused, were enemies of God and have attracted the wrath of. So, tragic end found Pentheawho wanted to keep hidden the orgiastic feasts. The Maenads, one of which was the mother of, in the frenzy that had occupied, pounced on and devoured. Persistently refused to take part in the devotional rites the King's daughters Minos, as the King Proitoy. The Prosblimenos Dionysosthe did lose their logical. Others say that for the fury that captured the young daughters of Proitoycause was the Juno.

Hard Punisher shows the Dionysos his enemies and those who are opposed to the way worship. At the same time generous benefactor to those who honor him and thank him.

When the King Midashosted his teacher, the old man Silino, that was lost, He agreed to fulfill his desire to thank him. The avid Midasasked to what,what he catches turns into gold. Soon the poor guy found that would become fabulously rich but would die of hunger and thirst. The bread that was touching to eat turned to gold and water she wanted to drink in Golden drops. Repentant asked God to make him as before and Dionysus who pitied told him that if he bathed in the waters of Paktwloythe River will offload the torments of.

God of feasting had many erotic adventures, like the other gods. The women in his life had a different location: There were safety pins when he was young and his fellow f ' nonstop celebrations of.

I once fell in love with the beautiful Ariadne,When he saw her sleeping calmly and serenely, looking like Goddess. His daughter Minos along with the Theseus returning to the Athens from the Crete. Waking up one morning to Naxosthe Ariadne see how her partner left and abandoned. Without knowing the same, He had come Dionysos (f) ' dreamTheseus and threats forced him to flee to his beautiful new.
All alone as it was in the desert island, like the Savior God appeared in front of, new, stocky, crowned as usual with trailing Ivy. After their wedding was, thrown by the chariot of God towards heaven.

The earth people were thanking him for the gift of the divine and the peace that their generously spread. The celebrations that were held in honor of was an unrelenting revelry, where all methoysan and sang. In this way were trying to communicate with their Dear God. Information that we hire from the Linear 2nd lead us to the assumption that the Dionysos as ancient deity was already known in the 12th century

The cult of the associated with the celebrations of vegetation, of the Holy madness caused by the drinking of wine and fertility. Common element in devotional practices is the point of Ecstasy, Sometimes the orgiastikis frenzy, that releases from the care of everyday life, giving the name Lysios.Apart from the fact that his name was associated with one of the finest forms of Greek speech, the drama in honor of organized metaloprepeis celebrations, like the "Dionysia" in fields,the ' Lenaia», "Flower Festival" and the "Dionysia".

There are three main forms, that shows theDionysos in the cult of. With emblem the phallus , the tree-hence the name Dendrite- or the Bull is a God of fertility and protector of crops, mainly the vine. In the second form is the enthoysiastikos Dionysos, with the emblems thyrso and theTorch, as well as the sequence, of The Maenads, of Play "Bacchae", of Thyiadwn, of Linwn and of Bassaridwn, like carrying the mythological narration. In the third and oldest form of entity of the underworld and bring the name Zagreus (the great Hunter).

He is the son of katachthonioy Jupiter and of the Persephone. In this third form Orfikoi the incorporated as their principal divinity, coming in contrast with the dionysiastes, fans of exhilarating Dionysus

With the Dionysus God of trees and plants made the return to "animality passion» of nature, away from the restrictions and references the "streamlining", something that distinguished directly at Bacchae of Euripides. With the name «bromios» latreythike mainly as a God born from the grain ' bromos ' and the alcoholic beverage that is produced, without being sure what exactly is this grain, probably was the oats


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