Official announcement (24-8-14)

The excavation work is continuing in the Tumulus Kasta of Amphipolis, by CAY Ephorate of prehistoric and classical Antiquities, for uncovering the funerary monument. Removed ten lithoplinthoi, they were the seventh and eighth series, the wall sealing. There are three rows to deconstruction of all eleven structures found. So, revealed the continued input of the monument's facade, with decoration, similar to that of side walls. I.e., white-colored fresco, extremely elaborate, that mimics the marble courtyard. (foto 1).

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At The Same Time, revealed, under the capitals, marble pilasters of thyrwmatos, which overlap, also, from white fresco. (foto 2). The partial removal of soils, located behind the entrance, revealed the rear entry, very elaborate, facing the. On the fresco of epistyles of traces of red and black color. The side and rear view of Ionian epikranwn of Antis, that overlap by fresco, It is epizwgrafismenes with the same colors. (foto 3, 4).

Have begun to emerge and the side walls of the antechamber. Marble Thassos is pot and decorated in their upper part with an ionic architrave, on wavelet transform whose traces black and red color. (foto 5).

In addition to the excavation work, mounting and maintenance operations are made of decor, as soon as it comes to light, from skilled conservators.

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