An Egyptian writing for the greekness of Macedonia

Written by Nikos Martis

The identity of the Macedonians as Greeks, other well-known adiapseystwn historical data (inscriptions, discoveries of archaeological sites, ancient Greek historical texts, Jews, Romans etc) confirmed by an inscription of 267 e.g.. (Photo of which I sent Mr. Stavros Hatzis, Retired Policeman, that tracks the theme of Macedonia) which is found in Egypt and refers to sports competitions, made in twelfths Royal birthday.

Athletes who reported that struggled, characterized by their place of origin (Thrax, Macedon, Samios etc.), i.e. from the single Greek geographic area. Therefore, only by the fact that listed among other Greek athletes and four Macedonians athletes, confirms that the Macedonians are Greeks.

George Robinson, to the issued the 1899 in New York his book written: The ancient Egyptian civilization galoychithike for three centuries of Greek culture and trade developed in the highest degree, but not altered by the Macedonian conqueror (Ptolemaeus) in religious and language elements of, that's why many inscriptions found, It is etched in the Egyptian (hieroglyphic or vulgar) language and in the language of the Macedonians» (i.e. the Greek).

Apart from the above items adiapseystwn, the identity of the Macedonians as Greek, confirmed and mentioned in my recent letter to the Syrian Ambassador in Athens, i.e.:

(a))From the old testament, stating that "the Hellen King will defeat the Persian King». In the book of Maccabees refers that: "The Alexander of Macedon Philip's son Darius enikise".

(b)) The Apostle Paul ((P) 9, 10) refers, that the 50 a.d. visited the cities FILIPPOYS, THESSALONIKI and VERIA, IE cities that had centuries before the 50 a.d., Since then and until today, these Greek names, confirming the identity of Macedon as Greek.

(c)) The Apostle Paul ((Q) 4, 12) in Thessaloniki and Veria met Greek and Greek women, that Christianity.

(d)) The Apostle Paul spoke and wrote letters to the inhabitants of Thessalonica and Philippi in Greek.

(e)) 356 University professors of American and other countries, co-signed a letter to President Obama and seeking to revoke the decision of his predecessor,. George Bush (son), who in the aftermath of the second election of, He named the Republic of Macedonia as "Republic of Macedonia" and overturned the established u.s. policy on Macedonia, as was outlined by the circular of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Stettinioys the u.s. 1944 and the Truman doctrine. Mr. Bush also reversed an earlier Declaration of, that the 1946-1947 the US helped the Berlin and Greece to maintain their freedom. The u.s. President k. Bush is neither historian, Neither archaeologist and like other leaders, but Governments,
been misled by advisers and named the Republic of Macedonia as "Republic of Macedonia".

(f)) End, the designated by the United Nations,. Nimitz, as mediator between Skopianwn and Greek, for the name of the FYROM, in meeting with the Pan-Macedonian Association of America, He admitted the historical truth and said that Skopianoi is of Slavic origin. The information is reported and the reporter (c). Fotiadis in "ADESMEYTO TYPO" the 20th April 2011.

The UN must announce all the historical truth, to cease the issue of Macedonia to reviled in the UN. Macedonia can name the State of wishes, provided that they do not involve the word "Macedonia". I suggest that the "Republic of PAIONIAS", because when came the Slavs in Macedonia, part of them settled in ancient Paeonia.

The English historian NGL HAMMOND, who wrote books about Macedonia, in his book "Alexander (a genius)"notes on page. 268, Ch 5: "The campaign of Illyria and the Macedonian forces»: "End of summer (335 e.g.) Alexander led his army into the country of Several (around present-day Sofia) and in the area that was inhabited from Paeonian (around today's Skopje». THE N.G.L. Hammond, in his book "history of Macedonia" (Volume 2, SLE. 126), reports: "The Paeonian were not Greeks».

The historical truth is that Lenin the 1923 at the 5th Congress of the Communist International, for the first time proclaimed the slogan "Independent Macedonia – Thraki». This policy followed and the KKE and the 3rd extraordinary Congress of Mrs e. (Newspaper RIZOSPASTIS, 14.2.1924) unanimously proclaimed "on an independent Macedonia – Thrace». The 6th plenary session of the 1934, the Pair underlined "The GREEK COMMUNIST PARTY supports the right of the aytodiathesews of the population of Macedonia and Thrace and their parting in a separate State.

Tito, in August 1944, with Stalin's assent, renamed South Yugoslavia (Vardarska) in Socialist Republic of Macedonia and its inhabitants Macedonians.

The Stettinioys, U.s. Secretary of State 1944, with the Encyclical of 8. 868014/24.12.1944 to the ambassadors and Consuls of USA reported: "The American State Department has marked ascending semi-formal statements and propaganda, on autonomy of Macedonia. The American Government considers any discussion of Macedonian ' Nation ', on "Macedonian homeland", on Macedonian ' conscience ' unjustified demagoguery, without national or political personality and resemble aggressive predisposition against Greece. The specific policy of our Government is to oppose any revival of the Macedonian, that implicates the Greece. The Greek region of Macedonia inhabited largely by Greek.

The Greeks they, have no intention of aytonomisews and are opposed to the creation of the Macedonian land. Our Government will hold responsible any Government or groups of States which tolerate or encourage threats or aggressive actions "Macedonian forces" against Greece. "
The Kiro Gkligkorwf, After the breakup of Yugoslavia in the UN Assembly, has achieved recognition as an independent State, the "Socialist Republic of Macedonia».

The historical truth, that Skopianoi have nothing to do with the Macedonians, confirmed the 15 leaders of the EEC in June 1992 at the Summit in Lisbon, where unanimously decided to recognise the Republic of Macedonia, If the name does not contain the word "Macedonia". The issue was raised by the then Macedonian President of the Hellenic Republic Konstantinos Karamanlis, who from 3.1.1992 his letter, where is stated that Macedonian, He wrote that: "The recognition of aytoapokaloymenis" Republic of Macedonia "has fundamental importance for Greece and I know better than anyone else since I myself am Macedon.

This Republic nor ethnically, Neither historically has the right to be called Macedonia», and added: "The Seychellois population of this country consists of Albanians, Turks, Gypsies and Slavs, which have nothing to do with Macedonians», and that: "It is inconceivable that with the end of the cold war to historical legitimacy given to Tito and Moscow, who named the Southern Yugoslavia in Macedonia, for output in the Aegean, detaching the Macedonia from Greece».

Pope John Paul, with the Encyclical 1981, proclaimed "The persons born in Thessaloniki Greek brothers Monks (Methodius and Cyril) Celestial patrons of Europe ".

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