However don't say anyway

300 minutes asking over and over for Amphipolis

However don't say anyway: 300 minutes asking over and over for Amphipolis
«Alamoyntin» Will become the psithyrize welcome strain of the Ministry of culture on Saturday morning in the crowded auditorium bouboulina. It was a little before the speeches of Katerina Peristeri and who close associates came from Amphipolis to Athens for a presentation of the findings of the excavation. Basically to put the official dot in excavation, before the chapter of painstaking, lengthy research.
Five hours after, leaving from Bouboulinas, voices were lifted up, objections had been expressed, the spirits were light, yawns took the Hall, criticism brought by all and for all sides and most felt that not only wiser but rather were left with more questions. It was the moment Jamie Peristeri disappeared. Literally. Ten minutes before the scheduled start of the presentation, kateythynomai in the room and see the door of the Cabinet "elevator" (It only goes to the fifth floor) opens and Kostas Tasoula, with relaxed style to accompany the Katerina Peristeri. The archaeologist Digger of Amphipolis wears accessories not separated ever: Black beret, red scarf. He smiles constantly. Smiles that continued until shortly before the end of the presentation, so the dynamic intervention of journalist showed what would follow the next nearly four hours.To “trip” Katerina Peristeri and Hill mystery
"We'll do a small journey in the region», "this is an excavation travelogue», "would you travel»: Those were phrases that often said during the presentation of the Digger of Amphipolis and head of the Inspectorate of Antiquities Serron. A presentation that looked more like a soothing narration rather than scientific presentation. If the previous months we could only wonder often for stryfna scientific style of announcements about the findings, Now we faced one recounting without new scientific findings and analysis.
Caterina frequently Guest House talked only for Peristeri "wonderful", «amazing», «art» unique finds, to permit your persecutors'defiled hands "tymbwrychwn", for "mystery Hill». Explained that in the beginning they worked "like humble topographers ' on the Hill and describing the Caryatids ' Maasai said when we saw before us these amazing projects».
Until the reference to the skeleton, or rather the fact that there was no evidence it caused the early interventions, the reaction to the fact that there was neither a photo or information about the situation of the skeleton, the way I found exactly etc.. "Not counting both the good photo as the protection of the skeleton," said Madam Peristeri – as if one excludes the other. Any other question about the skeleton ( and they were many and persistent) lead to deadlock. whisper of the Anna Panagiotarea
Needed to complete their presentations the architect Michalis Lefantzis and civil engineer Dimitris Englishman, to show the Lady a Peristeri photos of power point of saying that depicts the bones of the skeleton. And while also stubbornly refused to tell us when and who will be the examination of the skeleton, After's question revealed that the skeleton is still in the Museum of Amphipolis.
With the archaeologist and Director of the Museum of cycladic art Niko Stabolides to make coordination and masterfully poised between questions and answers (often undertook himself to explain or insist that respondents), tensions continued. Journalists almost ... We asked for information on the imploring skeleton, the Lady Peristeri refused to answer. The Anna Panagiotarea in the first series of whispered sometime "tell, tell what you found "and the architect Michalis Lefantzis erupted against journalist referred to the fact that the bones of the skeleton found inside and outside of the Tomb asking the you that you saw it" to respond together, almost "in official press release!» Here Alexander the great, There Alexander the great, who is Alexander the great;
It was the moment the words of Nicholas Stampolidis at the beginning of the process began to seem prophetic. It was said: "in archaeology never say never and certainly not talking about anyway". The nomenclature had returned and the question was not just who is dead but mainly because in the past, said Katerina Peristeri that belonged to man General of the era of Alexander the great.
"With a Lion at the top and a huge monument said that it could be General. Nobody has the confidence to say anything, "said to repeat" we cannot exclude any name» creating a soysoyro on whether he and Alexander the great. "No answer at conspiracy theories that there is buried the Alexander». Later when asked if he could be a member of the family of Alexander the great tried to cut off the debate by saying that nobody can say anything with certainty.
Having finished anymore presentation and amid multilayer questions suddenly revealed that there are other findings, like the famous Alexander's coins of the 3rd dating from the 2nd century, period of the last Macedonian Kings, event that caused little exclamations in the Hall. the storming of Lina Mendoni
Suddenly, of the side posts of the Amphitheater where watched the debate, the General Secretary of the Ministry of culture rushed to take a position on the Panel and speak, with obvious irritation. With tension that did not cover the hoarse voice after suffering from colds, intensity that showed the first sentence for breaking "questions and answers" that the ekneyrisan. It was the time that Jamie had been reported in Peristeri many volunteers with a love for archaeology who took part in the excavation by stirring up reactions across the room.
"There were no volunteers in the excavation, Peristeri Lady said that perhaps because of fatigue, only a close partner for years and was a volunteer "emphasized in closing the debate Lina Mendoni, to answer then the question for hours agonizing refused the archaeologist to answer. "Found the skeleton in fullness almost 100%, disjointed inside and outside of the burial trench. On the boundary of the trench was the skull, While outside was the mandible. Found the spine, side, hands, the legs and pelvis that was dismembered reason throwing stones. ". The "theoretical" delay for delivery of the skeleton to the experts due to the fact that we need to create the right team of scientists in all disciplines of scientists – osteologoi, anthropologists, forensic scientists needed.
Lina Mendoni stressed again and again that speaks as Secretary General and not as archaeologist, excluding each question for its own assessment of the findings. Giving the impression that she has some conclusions the raw responses in relation to the findings, firmly denied any such interference. Kostas Kavafis reciting Tasoylas
Responses requested by Lina Mendoni, and armed guards who reported Katerina Peristeri that were placed in the Tomb on the first few days after the revelation of Sphinxes. The General Secretary stressed that he requested armed guards, but police protection from the Ministry of public order and the police station of the area. Whether the police have staff weapon with them or not is obviously not work of the Ministry, said. It was the moment I returned to the Hall the Minister – had left before the presentations.
He approached a huddle of journalists, When Lina Mendoni referred to those days of August. Voce Costas Tasoylas told the person sitting next to him "that of August – August was; – the night… Once I remember anymore the eyes». To ask "do you know this poem by Cavafy;"Walking away from the Bouboulinas, with Mrs Peristeri elusive – had to leave to catch her flight, in accordance with its partners- the overarching question was "why should now make this meeting five hours after we had something meaningful to say and listen». Feeling how often we hit a wall asking for answers, one thing she asked: To visit the monument to what and if you say, everything. so what if say is actually a brilliant piece in the history of Greece, as he said at the outset the archaeologist Basil Lambrinoudakis.

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