What are the next steps for the enhancement of the monument of Amphipolis;


The excavation in the Tumulus may finished Kasta, but the real work of archaeologists now starts. Studies, “war” with bureaucracy, disclosure of apotelesmatwn of excavation, the nature of the monument are some of the points that should be paid attention.

What defines the archaeological law

According to the nation, the publication of the first conclusions are compulsory to be done this year, According to the ancient law, (3028/2002) that clearly States: "The Chief systematic excavation is required to submit initial presentation for publication in up to two years from the start of the excavation" (Article 39, paragraph 3). And can this excavation was not characterized by the Central Archaeological systematics

Council, as is imperative by law, but in essence it is. If we started the 2013, This year is the year that must be deposited the initial findings. Beyond, There is room for five years after conclusion, in order to become the final publication. Then it will start and the international scientific dialogue, based on data excavation. Something that until now lacked the scientific community, with the result that only made assumptions not always very pointed. Even if you keep the characterization of rescue, suggesting an excavation carried out by the archaeological service in case the monument at risk, or the monument that has transpired during the execution of a private or public work, again the first publication must be done this year.

In accordance with paragraph 4 Article 39, "the dienergwn rescue excavation is required to submit a final report, list of findings, photographs and drawings within nine months from the conclusion of».

The next step is the syntax, with the participation of all members of the interdisciplinary team, a comprehensive maintenance plan, restoration and promotion of the Tomb. Here, scientists will be invited to answer another key question: The monument will be visited;

Up to what point; You will need to decide, always driven the interest of ancient: (a)) If you can be tucked inside or access will stop on the front with the headless statues of Sphinxes (b)) If it is possible to login, So where will be allowed. It reaches the public through the final, mostly burial chamber;

Because the space is narrow, If and when the Tomb become open, It is expected that you will get into condition for the maximum number of simultaneous visitors. Also, will definitely take steps to ensure that incoming not to pull the mosaic (so I guess I built some ramp up and at a distance from this).

End, Since some minerals from the bracing and support (scaffoldings) continue to exist, provision should be made for how exactly will become the movement of visitors in connection with these.

We remind that the tomb of Philip II’ at Aigai is not open. Oli Royal mound is located within a modern Museum shell and the facade of the tomb is visible, but a Crystal shield stops the path of visitors ahead of the.


And we arrive at studies. As indicated in the report of the nation, should be considered certain that there will be structural capacity study. Not only because, as the YPPOA has announced, the main funerary Chamber is in a State of limit equilibrium.

But also because the ekskafikwn use of machinery in the surroundings, like the time and what the monument has undergone, require specific knowledge of the problems. Objective to be absolutely solid monument and not in danger of parts or items with fall both for the safety of visitors and for the integrity of the same.

The structural design, like other studies, should be submitted to the Central Archaeological Council. Usually, the examination is done in at least two phases. Discussed the master plan, observations and follows the next debate with corrections to items marked.

Extreme conditions

The process is time consuming, because it takes time for the maturation of each study. Following the opinion of the APCS and issuing ministerial decision, integration of each series comes in Community financial protocol is in progress. The other case is to give money for its execution by national resources, but, given the economic situation of the country, This is extremely difficult.

The latest studies on the field that they must be drawn up and submitted in KAS for legal opinion is maintenance or parts of studies belonging to the architectural design or sculptures, of mosaics and performances. And they should according to the law to be introduced in KAS for opinion. Some maintenance work done and now, but these should constitute the so-called "first aid" to the monument and to items of decor and not final applications dysfunctioning and protection programs.
Given the extreme weather conditions in the area, and these studies are absolutely necessary.

The crumbly stone of Amphipolis, that has been used in the construction, but the thassian marble, react strongly in freezing conditions.
Also, the low temperatures contribute to the destruction of mortar and is responsible for the deterioration of painted decoration, along of course with re-exposure of colors in amtosfairas oxygen and humidity.

The roof needs to be replaced

But with these studies, nothing has been completed. It is still pending the necessary funerary monument protection from floods (the river Struma and Kerkinitida Lake is almost within the boundaries of the Tomb) and from the rains. The canopy that has already been built should be considered provisional. The hardware does not stand for many years. We will require a comprehensive study and a more durable and protective cover, with other canopy.

OSO I made all this, the paleoanthropologists now and zwooarchaiologoi will continue the study of bones that have been identified in the Tomb. The following conclusions should be expected though towards the end of next year. In-between, the State will have to decide whether to make new excavation investigations in some other parts of the Hill Kasta, in which Geophysics has discovered potential anthropogenic interventions.

In any case, This time, the excavation license should necessarily be given by the KAS. This means that we must find money for deposited the intended by law budget. Half a million euros of the current excavation was given by State, as in theory was "rescue". But it is not possible to continue to. The excavation team should seek longer and funders.
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